Monday, July 18, 2016


I'm turning 40 next year... 40.... like 4... 0.... I don't feel 40... people tell me I don't look 40, but really who is going to say "yeah, you totally look 40!" to someone that is almost 40 and not be running the other direction as fast as possible!!?? 

So, I have started thinking about what I want to do to commemorate this event... I thought about 40 fun things to do, but that sounds costly and I love me, but come on... no... so, now I'm thinking about 40 random acts of kindness with the snag that I can't buy anything to do it... so it's got to be stuff I have on hand (crafter galore here) or things I do... like real "acts". I'm serious about this, too... I was going to do something like this for 35, but it didn't happen... but 40... 40 deserves some attention... and positive attention, not negative attention... 

if you want to help me out with this, leave a comment of something I could do that would be no cost or low cost... 

Some ideas I have swirling... I don't want to do ALL of these... but maybe one... or maybe 10 of each or something to total 40... I need guidance... help..

1. Make 40 swaps and give to 40 Girl Scouts
2. Make 40 Love Rocks and place in 40 different places throughout my hometown
3. Donate 40 books that I own to the local women's refuge home
4. Write 40 thank you notes
5. Say hello and smile to 40 strangers

... stuff like that... 

Friday, July 15, 2016

Fall Frenzy Patch Program

If you aren't signed up for the BCG Patches Newsletter or belong to one of the Facebook groups where patches go to be loved, then you may have missed the announcement today. YIKES!!!

The Program Guide for the next patch program has been debuted in the store today. Patches will be arriving mid-August 2016. They are ordered, but I don't want to start taking orders until I can fill those orders. The plan is to keep the patch in the store through November 15th, unless sales are just not going well then I may need to reevaluate that decision... or I may have them longer stuck with the ones from the initial order. Though, considering the response thus far... I don't really think I should worry about it. 

Okay... enough blabbering... Fall Frenzy Program Guide is in the store! Go get your FREE download!

Fall means cooler weather, less bugs, and tons of opportunities to make memories to last a lifetime. Get excited and get out to enjoy the gorgeous scenery Fall has to offer.

Choose from 20 activities to earn 100 points and earn the Fall Frenzy patch! Patches are ordered and will be arriving mid-August 2016. 

Sample activities include:

  • Start a patch blanket
  • Go leaf peeping
  • Try a hot mulled cider recipe
  • plant bulbs for Spring

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Humble & Kind

I'm probably late to the party, but this song speaks so deep to my heart. While it isn't truly scout related, I think it should be the foundation for any life or organization. 

No matter how far you go, no matter how successful you become... don't let it go to your head. Don't forget to help others. Don't forget why you started this journey and all the help you had along the way. Don't think you did it on your own. No matter how many people say they are "self-made", they aren't... you aren't... maybe we've just become too self-centered to recognize the people around us helping, lifting, cheering, and stepping back while we take the spotlight. 

I guess I just wanted to remind myself, and anyone else that needs it, to remain humble and kind... It's really hard for me to receive a compliment, because I know that while I am good at things, I'm not the only one that can do what I do and in my heart I want others to know I really do want them to succeed... 

You know what they call a leader without followers? Someone just taking a walk. 

Don't forget when you get where you're going to turn around and help the next in line.