Wednesday, July 4, 2012

poem break

A Girl Scout Leader is Someone Who...


Tries to listen to 10 little girls' conversations all at the same time.
Wakes up in the middle of the night worrying about the girls who weren't at the last meeting.
Calls 5 mothers about the one galosh that was left at the meeting place.
Finds that cookies, Kool-Aid, and kind words will help solve most any girl's problems.
Attends hours of training and how-to sessions only to discover that the meaning of Girl Scouts is at the bottom of her own heart.
Remembers to bring insect repellant.
Says "Yes, I'll do it!" when it should be "No, no, a thousand times no!"
Gets a warning ticket from the State Patrol with a station wagon full of very quiet girls.
Is a friend to the friendless and a foe only to big brothers who throw rocks.
Breathes deeply of the wonderful silence after they all go home but looks forward to the meeting next week.
Sings "Kookaburra" in the shower.
Knows that the secret of eternal youth is not at the cosmetic counter but in meeting with it every week.
Gives and gives and gives and gets: sticky kisses, shy hugs, sly winks, and not much later, wedding invitations and baby announcements.
Mid-Continent Council of Girl Scouts

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