Saturday, July 7, 2012

Do you take the Summer off?

This is a question that presents itself each Summer. Do we have meetings? Do we plan events? Do we just wait until the school year begins again?

For our troop, we have taken the Summer off from troop meetings. This is because their leader needs a break. We do plan one troop trip and I promote the Summer resident camps and day camps in our area, along with any other events I may happen to hear about. I also volunteer to help at the day camp and encourage my girls to take advantage of it.

Summer gets crazy with softball, vacations, swimming lessons, and everything else. I know of troops that do meet in the Summer months and they wouldn't trade it for anything. I use the Summer to plan the next year. Okay, I'll be a little more forthcoming here. I use the first part of the Summer to finalize plans for the troop trip. Then, the rest of June and July are spent staring out windows and thinking; not really planning. August, I pick up whatever we are going to start the year with and start formulating a plan. I give the girls a couple weeks back in school before we do a troop meeting, because that way Summer jitters have subsided a tad. We begin regular meetings the first week of September each year and this works for us. 

I say this with a reminder... do what works for YOU. You are the leader and you have to know what you can and can't handle.

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