Friday, July 6, 2012

The purpose of this blog...

A lot of responsibility to learn and develop a plan falls on the Girl Scout Leader. While the meetings are to be "girl-led", there is only so much you can expect from the younger girls (Daisies and Brownies... and even Juniors). I think it's very important to make sure the girls have a say in the type of kapers (kaper is a fancy word for chore or responsibility, such as cleaning up or leading songs or passing out snacks), the basic flow of a meeting, what they want and don't want to do, and so on. The problem is... they have never been a Girl Scout at the level they are before either. You are both new to this. Someone needs to find some ideas to at least give choices.... and that falls on the Girl Scout Leader.

This blog came about because my husband and I were talking about new leaders and how hard it was to figure out what to do and get things together and know what we could and couldn't accomplish. He simply said "How hard would it be for you to put all of the information you have together and share it with new leaders?" My reply "You mean like a brain dump of two years worth of data?" He says "Yeah... that." My snarky comment got me no where I see... but then, as he knew I would, I started thinking and formulating a plan. You know... I could do that. I could help new leaders out. I could at least share my Meeting Outlines, my Pinterest Boards, my Songbooks, my list of websites that have helped me, and anything else I could throw in there. I could also talk to other leaders I know now and see if they would like to contribute to the blog (this is a work in progress). Why not?

So... here we are.. you and me... one step at a time we will get through this.... and it will be amazing!

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