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SWAPS stands for Special Whatchamacallits Affectionately Pinned Somewhere. They are part of a Girl Scout tradition to trade something with one another to help you remember an event or new friends you meet.

Our troop LOVES them and they are really a great way to get your girls to introduce themselves to other girls at Council events and Service Unit events and where ever they may be gathering for activities. I use them a lot for filler activities during meetings. This year, I think we are going to make a holder and then make a different SWAP at each meeting, because the girls are continually asking when we get to make another SWAP. So, we'll make two or three each. One to keep and the others we will stockpile to trade with a younger troop or distribute through the Children's Hospital as a little pick me up.

There are a million and one ideas for making SWAPS. They can be simply a few beads on a safety pin or an elaborate display of your craftiness. I have a Pinterest Board devoted to just SWAPS with a LOT of cool ideas.

I wanted to share the latest SWAP I made in preparation for Twilight Camp 2012* next week. I am coordinating the Songs this year (2nd year for that and I love doing it!! Hopefully, Ms. Marianne will continue to humor me and allow me to this next year.)

I wanted my SWAP to be something "song" related and Twilight Camp* related. So, I decided to go slightly simple, yet somewhat tricky to pull off. I'll give you the history, because I know you'll want to know how I arrived at this. I was cleaning out the old desk and found a huge package of CD Stomper CD labels. I had already planned to print up some CD labels that I'll use for Back To School night activity (be watching for that post, too). I saw the smaller circles and thought "Wow.. I don't want to waste those! What can I make?" Then, it hit me! CD circles only the smaller ones... I'll make a record (you know those old school vinyl discs that spun on a player and played music). But, what do I put on the record? Hmmmm.... All of the songs that will be in their Song Booklet for camp on one side and the event name and theme on the other. OH YEAH!!! A SWAP was born. Now, I know a record doesn't have a label on each side, but I wanted the event name, etc on it... so we'll just deal with it. 

Here is the finished SWAP. The instructions are below. 


  1. Clean out a desk and find CD Stomper labels OR in Word use the Word Art feature to enter your text and turn it in to a circle. Then print. If you use sticker sheet paper, you won't have to glue later.
  2. Buy or cut out chipboard circles slightly larger than your Word Art. I used my Cricut with the deep cut blade, but you could probably buy them, too. And.. you could probably use foam, too. 
  3. Paint base circles black or cut out cardstock circles the same size as the base circles. Cut out twice the amount, because you have to glue to both sides.
  4. Peel and stick labels to the bases OR cut out your circles and glue them on, if you just printed on plain paper.
  5. Make a hole and insert your safety pin. I used a Crop-A-Dile, but you could use a heavy duty 1/8" hole punch, too. I didn't have all coil-less safety pins, but with the small hole they hang just fine. But, coil-less would be better. 

* Twilight Camp is one of our Service Unit events. It's four days from 3-8PM. The girls are divided into units. Each unit completes activities to earn a badge for their level in Girl Scouts, plus they get a t-shirt, fun patch for camp, and have a TON of fun. It's a great event and I'm so happy to be part of it. 

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