Friday, August 17, 2012

Game: Washcloth Toss

It's nice to always have a game that you can change up in your bag of tricks (or tote of treasures, as in my case). This is a rather simple game and you could switch up the washcloths with Nerf balls or beach balls or whatever you like... just something light that won't hurt if you get hit with it!

Prep Work: Find 3 washcloths. Fold them in half and then roll them up. You can tie with a ribbon or string. I didn't sew mine and that has come in handy a couple times when we needed a washcloth at a troop meeting for cleaning something up. Multi-purpose item there! You could also use bandanas.

The Game:

  1. Have the girls stand in a circle. Make sure there is space between them. I usually have them put their arms out straight and say "If you can touch the person next to you, you are too close." Adjust spacing, if needed.
  2. Start by tossing a rolled up washcloth to the girl across the circle. Tell the girls they must remember who they are catching from and  tossing to. 
  3. She tosses to the someone different across the circle from her and repeat until all the girls have thrown and caught. 
  4. The last person to catch tosses back to the starting person. 
  5. Repeat the tossing/catching pattern around the circle, getting a little faster each time.
  6. When you have one washcloth tossing pattern down, add in a 2nd. You use the same pattern for tossing and catching (unless you really want to get complicated and have 2 different patterns going). 
  7. When you get 2 washcloths going well... toss in a 3rd. We haven't went past 3, because at that point it gets a little hectic. You use the same pattern, but stagger them so no one gets two at the same time. 
This game normally ends up in all my girls giggling. It's a great team building activity. Bonding through play is always a good thing. It's also a great hand-eye coordination game.

This game will work for odd or even number of girls, which is very helpful when you have a troop and need a game everyone can play no matter what. You may have to adjust a little with an odd number, but you can play and it works. Been there, done that. 

We had to establish a few rules, because well... girls are girls... 
  1. The object of the game is to make sure the person you are tossing to is able to catch it. So, no overhead throws or throwing out to the side where they have to run and get it. It messes up the whole pattern. 
  2. You can only have one washcloth in your hands at a time, so catch and release quickly. 
  3. Make sure everyone gets to catch and toss or else it's no fun!
  • Use a beach ball or nerf balls
  • Do the alphabet game with it. Pick a theme and go through. Ex. Theme: Foods. The girl tossing has to say "A apple;", then tosses. The next girl "B banana". and so on. This will slow it down and I would only do one washcloth. 
  • Name Game... say the name of the person you are tossing to
  • Share a favorite... say something you like when tossing (ties in with Agent of Change Journey)
  • whatever you come up with... or even better... let the girls think of a way to change it. 
Note: I keep three rolled up washcloths in my tote that are tied with ribbon. They are three different colors, because that is what I had. This way anytime we need to get the jitters out or need something to fill some time, I have something for them to do. The girls love the game. 

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