Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Recycled CD Tops

If you are just starting out or a long time veteran Girl Scout leader, you know that having little extra projects for the girls to fill in some time is a good thing... no matter how you spin it (pun intended!). 

This is a little craft a representative from our Council brought to one of our Service Team meetings. I had actually made one with her at a Learn 2 Lead event (also held by our Council) the Fall before. 

Our troop made these at one of our troop sleepovers and the girls had a great time with racing and discussing what made them spin longer and faster. 

All you need is:
* CD (old, recycled)
* marble
* paper for labeling (optional) (template)
* markers for the label
* elmer's glue for the label

* soda bottle cap
* hot glue gun


  1. Print out the template and color as desired. This is optional. You don't HAVE to put pretty colors on there, but having the girls trying the different patterns and seeing what happens when the colors spin is a great discussion, too. 
  2. Glue the label to the CD
  3. Using hot glue (adult supervision or just do it for the younger girls, please!), glue a marble to the bottom of the CD in the center hole. Make sure there is enough glue to hold it. Allow to dry. Hot glue is fast... I'd say 30 seconds will suffice.
  4. Using hot glue (same as above, be smart not burnt!), glue the bottle cap to the top of the CD. This is your spinner. Allow to dry (30 seconds, maybe)
  5. Give it a spin!
Here is a little video I did of the top spinning, so you can see it really works! My surface wasn't really level, but it still works well and goes for quite a while. 

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