Friday, September 7, 2012

Agent of Change: Overview

Want to go on a Journey with Juniors? Why, you ask?

Journey books were introduced a couple years ago now. I will be the first to admit I was not thrilled. I was a new leader for Brownies and had just mastered the whole "Try-It" mentality and then something else gets tossed my way. My girls did do a Brownie Journey, though. We did World of Girls and it was fun. At some point, I'll do the breakdown of that Journey, so you can grab a few ideas. But, for now, I'm going to try to focus on Agent of Change.

Agent of Change is for the Junior level. It is basically comprised of three things: Power of One, Power of Team, Power of Community. The book defined community as any group the girls belong to. You don't have to think "city equals community". School is a community, dance class is a community, your street, your church family... you get the idea, right? This helped me a lot, because city overwhelms me. What were going to do and where? I do want to add, I also believe that our troop does have the ability to change our city. Never discourage any girl from thinking otherwise. Believe it with everything in you. But, we need to get there. We need a few smaller projects to prepare ourselves and gain the tools we need before taking on the world.

All our pieces sort of fell in to place and I'm excited about our Journey. By the way, be excited about the Journey!! If you are all "ugh... journey", so will be the girls reaction. The girls voted last Spring before bridging to Juniors on which Journey they wanted to do. My co-leader and I also talked about the three Journey's offered for Juniors and the girls and adults all agree that Agent of Change is definitely the way to go for our group. There will be work involved, but we are all excited.

So, yes... Agent of Change... this is how we began our Junior adventure. My girls do want to work on the Bronze and you have to complete a Journey, so this way we get off to a great start on that path. Although, I have heard whispers of them wanting their Journey Summit pin, so I am thinking we may Journey more over the next two years. That's fine with me, too. Girl led, remember.

My plan with this series of posts is to just let you know what we did. I am going to be honest and forthcoming right here and say that we will adjust some activities the book outlines and do our own thing that still get the point across. I don't think we're better than the book. I know you have to make the book work for your girls. Go with their lead. Go with their interests. Just as the Founder would say, "Let's ask the girls". It really is the easiest way to get an answer and direction.

I hope you will find the posts helpful.

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