Thursday, September 20, 2012

Agent of Change: Session 2

Session 2 seemed rather simple and easy to accomplish: 

The basics for the session are:
  • Sharing HerStories 
  • Talking about who led the way 
  • Real Powers/Real Girl Scouts 
  • Trust Me! game 

They suggest you have the girls do the Power Search on page 26 of their book when they come in, but we didn't do this. We were doing a different word search for Earth Day words to help with our 1970s Windows to the Past bar. Plus, the word search in the girl's book doesn't have a list of words to find and I knew that would confuse and frustrate the girls. So, we skipped that.

During Opening Circle, we reviewed our Good Turns from the previous meeting and sang "On My Honor". I love this song, because it drives home the responsibilities and spirit of Girl Scouting. The girls liked it, too. 

We did have snack time, of course, and shared our HerStories. I was very impressed the girls all were ready and willing to share. Hands flew up when I asked who wanted to go first. Now, remember, I told the girls they could interview anyone they wanted or do research on a women from history. The group was split on what they did. One girl actually interviewed a fellow Girl Scout troop member, another interviewed her Grandma who was a Troop Leader at one time, a couple did women from history, and we even had a girl interview her teacher. They did a great job and I asked them why they chose that person, what makes them interested in them, and various other questions. Discussing these over snack worked well for us, because it made it less formal and less "school-like". 

Outside we went for our Trust Me! obstacle course game, which is described in the Leader's Book. The girls brought out chairs and set up an obstacle course. They then divided into pairs. One girl was blindfolded and the other led her around the course preventing her injury. It was interesting to see how the girls gave direction. I was impressed at how willing they were to be blindfolded and let one of their sisters lead them. I think our troop may already have the "trust" thing down. To bring this lesson home, we talked afterwards about how it takes a team to get through life. You can do it on your own, but if you have a support unit it will be easier. We also discussed how we need to ignore outside influences (the other girls were cheering, saying "watch out!", etc.) and stay focused on the team (partner in this case). I asked the girls a simple questions "Was it easier to lead or be led?" Their responses were perfect... I heard "It was hard leading! You had to be able to know what to say to make sure they didn't get hurt!" and "It was hard to be led, because you weren't sure if the person leading you would be careful enough." So, we briefly discussed how we need to make sure as a troop we have each other's back, per say. That we should be able to trust our sister Girl Scouts enough to know they wouldn't lead us into danger and that it's more fun if we take turns leading than having one person do it all the time. It was a great lesson and there are so many more lessons in this activity... not only are you doing a Power of Team activity, but there are a many valuable lessons about leadership and peer pressure, etc. Go with the flow and talk about what you notice. 

Back inside we worked on ATCs (Artist Trading Cards). I had printed the girls photos in wallet size and preprinted on to card stock the information for the back. The girls had to fill out the cards and glue together. We discussed how this was our Power Team. We each are good at things and bring something to the team. Together we are strong, because we are all contributing. The girls traded cards and I heard a lot of "Really? You want to be...." and "That is so cool! We have the same favorite color!"

Next up was Power Log time. I set aside 10 minutes for this. The girls wrote or drew whatever they wanted into their journals. It was a nice way to wind down and focus on what powers we were learning and the experiences we were gaining in our troop meeting. I also told the girls they could ask me questions and I would answer before the next meeting. They are welcome to share or keep it to themselves.

We did our Closing Circle complete with Friendship Squeeze and Turn Out. 


  1. These are very helpful. I have been an assistant leader for 2 years, but this is my first year as leader. We are getting ready to start Agent of Change this week, I am SO happy that I stumbled on this blog!!

    1. Oh, Maria! Thanks the comment. I'm glad they are helping. You'll be a spectacular Leader, I'm sure!

  2. Thank you so much for posting these great ideas for the Agent of Change Journey! I'm about to start on this with my 1st year Junior troop (only my second year of leading!), and this will help so much! Have you done the 3rd part of this Journey yet? Will have to check in to see if you are going to post that too! Thanks again!

    1. We did Agent of Change Session 3 tonight, actually. I'll be posting it as soon as I get my ideas together for it. :) Glad it has helped you.

  3. Do you have a template for the Artist trading cards?

  4. This is very helpful. Thank you for all of the good ideas. A template for the Artist Trading cards would be great.

  5. I can tell you truly love those girls. Thanks for all the wonderful ideas and help.



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