Monday, September 24, 2012

World of Girls: Session 2

With Session 2, I tried to get a little creative. I knew my girls wouldn't want to sit and read the entire time. I also feel it's important to get up and move. I like to make everything in the meeting fun, too!

We started off our meeting with our Opening Circle, as usual. We sang the Brownie Smile song and talked about how this song was a tradition and sang by girls just like them all over the world. We then sang the International Hello Song. The girls love this song and made up movements to go along with it.

After opening circle, the girls were intrigued by a pile of different fruits. I explained we were going to do a "fruit flight". Yes, that is a play on a "wine flight". We tried figs, papaya, pomegranate, pineapple, grapes, and plantains. I did the research and found what country each fruit came from, a little about that country, and anything interesting I could find that would intrigue the girls. We each had a plate of fruit and worked our way through them together. The girls led the flight and decided which fruit to taste next. To simplify that process, I started on one side of the table and worked the way around. Each girl would state which fruit to try and everyone would try it together. It was great fun and a year later... I'm still getting asked when we can do that again!

Our next activity came from the book... sort of... we went outside and drew three circles that overlapped. I randomly chose something that I felt they may or may not have in common... such as "You go to _____ school". "You have a dog". "You love music". If it was true you put a foot in that circle or overlapping circle segment... if not, then you didn't. The problem we had was either I'm not clever enough to get variances or all my girls are too much in common... We did try again with "I have blonde hair.", "I go to ____ church", etc. The girls understood how they could have differences and still be friends. You don't have to have everything in common in order to get along and work together. I will be honest and say the girls weren't too excited about this and I really did try to sell it. But, it was a flop. If I had it to do over... I would have each girl write down 3 things about themselves and then use a piece of paper to draw more than three circles and try to find how many overlaps and differences they had.

The next activity was called Me & My Girl Worlds. The girls drew a stick figure in the middle and then thought of all the "worlds" they are part of that are just girls. They drew circles and connected them to the stick figure. The girls in my troop actually felt this wasn't a real picture of their world. It excluded all male influence from their life. I have to agree with them.

The next activity was Girl Worlds in Stories. I had the girls think of their favorite books, shows, etc. where a girl was a character. We discussed iCarly and Hannah Montana... a lot... The girls wrote one word descriptions about those characters. We then talked about whether or not it was a good characteristic and one they possessed, as well.

We did read Shali's story from the book and we talked about looking for clues. I'm not sure if it was because the girls were in 3rd grade and this should have been done in 2nd or if they just weren't into it. This again was a lot of talking and a lot of sighs from my girls. It was too much like school and they had done this type of activity in school in 1st and 2nd grade. They were not intrigued.

We then worked on our passports created in Session 1. We added the flags from our Fruit Flight. We talked about things they wanted to do next time. We talked about what they liked and what they didn't like about today's session. It was a pretty clear answer they did not like all the "boring talking stuff". Although, I think maybe later in life the lesson behind the "boring" will hit home. At least, I hope.

After this session you earn the first badge. We had decided to make it more a celebration and wait to pass out the badges until Court of Awards at the end of the semester. So, I stamped their books but didn't pass out badges.

We wanted to end on a good note, so my co-leader and I saved something fun for last. We played Escargot Hopscotch. It's the French version of hopscotch. My co-leader drew a large snail shaped board and the girls took turns hopping through. They had a great time and asked "Can we go again? and again?" We broke the game up briefly to do Closing and then let them go hopping again until parents arrived. The snail redeemed us during this meeting.

As I have said before in my posts... a lot of the excitement will be based on the presentation. I will admit that I just really didn't get excited about this session. I read over the list of things we were to do and I knew it was a lot of talking and not a lot of doing. For my girls, I knew that wasn't going to be a good time. I think if I did this Journey again, I would break up some of these activities through the other sessions. So, you are still doing them... just not all at the same meeting. You do have the ability to do that... read through the whole book and all the sample sessions and decide what works best for your girls. I put on my game face and tried to be excited and positive about this session, but it was a struggle and it just wasn't happening very easily.


  1. We did the overlapping circle activity, but instead of using chalk circles, we used giant circles made of yarn. I started with asking for girls from a particular school and they got a big circle of string put around them. I then asked for girls who played soccer. With circles of flexible yarn, I was able to easily include soccer playing girls already in the school circle and add in more soccer players it. My third circle was girls who loved horseback riding. I think the fourth was girls who did ballet. Because the string was flexible it was super easy to add girls into particular circles and they LOVED being tied up together in the string. Finally, we had a yarn circle big enough to go around all of us, including leaders, to represent us all having Girl Scouts in common.

  2. Thank you so much for all your input! I love it when I hear something was a flop due to age and hear I thought it was just my troop! I am currently leading a 3rd grade troop and feel that some things are geared toward younger girls!

  3. Thank you for the time you spent writing up these lesson plans. They were so helpful to me. I presented the escargot hopscotch during the first sessions and the girls LOVED it. All the girls wanted to stay around after the meeting ended to finish the game, it was their favorite part of the meeting.



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