Wednesday, September 26, 2012

World of Girls: Session 3

After Session 2, I decided that I would have to be a little more proactive in determining what was a good fit for the girls in my troop. So, I reevaluated and decided we would work our ways through the books and get the key points done and understand the main concepts. We would substitute when possible and not over do the same point. Girls are intelligent and don't need to be hounded to get the idea. So... if you are comparing my sessions and ideas to the book, you will see there are some variances. That's okay. Just as the badges, you can customize the journey to fit your girls interests. As long as you are giving the main ideas, you are doing fine. Don't stress over each little item on the list. Step back and look at the big picture. 

Session 3 deals with diversity. We go from Story Clues to Story Change. You want to see if the girls can come up with a simple idea to change something to make the end result different. 

To talk about diversity, we had Chex Mix as a snack. We talked about the different types of Chex that goes into the recipe. We talked about how pretzels weren't cereal at all, but added a nice touch to the mix. We then discussed the spices that you don't even really see, but you taste. All of these items together work well. Diversity is a good thing. We then talked about the different types of Chex Mix you see in the store and how you can change a few spices and elements to have the same basic item, but a totally different taste or outcome. We all had our favorites and least favorites when discussing the varieties, but could see the similarities between all of them.

My girls love skits and creative writing, so we did the role-playing game. I had the girls divide into two groups. They were to come up with a short skit showing a problem and how to solve it. One group showed how a chair in the way was causing people to trip. The solution: Move the chair. I had to chuckle to myself because their skits were really quite funny, but they got the idea. They learned how to problem solve. They showed how to change something to resolve the problems their characters faced. 

Next up was the Girl Scout Law index cards. I have one word on each card and the girls raced down to find the word, put it in line and go tag the next girl in line. We had pretty much mastered the Girl Scout Law from memory at this point, so it wasn't a big deal to them. They did however dig the relay race, even if they weren't really racing against anything. 

We also did a Two Story Relay. I had printed out the words from the Leader's book onto cards and the girls worked as a team to arrange them into sentences and tell a story. It was a great team building exercise, as they had to continually work together to make choices. Once they were done, I asked them to change the words around to show a different outcome. They completed this pretty quickly, although they were limited with the words I gave them, too. 

The last items we did from the book was Circle Round the Story. We did discuss how stories have a beginning, middle, and end. One at a time we took turns telling a story in progressive fashion. We had done this the year before as part of the Puppets and Plays Try-it, so to be honest the girls weren't over excited about it. They did a good job and we talked about how each person was able to add something to change or continue the story line. It just wasn't anything "new" to them. 

We did Passport Work, as in the first two sessions. I had flags from the countries our spices were from. They worked on coloring and assembling them. 

For next time, I asked the girls to think of something we can do for a positive change for the community. Without stifling their creativity, I reminded them we needed something we could do in a troop meeting and to think locally or even focus around their school.

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  1. I love reading your ideas and take on things! My girls are struggling a bit with the Journeys and "book work". It's good to hear that you've had some downs also, but keep trying to make it fun and come up with new ways to get it done and keep them happy.



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