Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Agent of Change: Session 3

Session 3 didn't have a lot to it, but of course, we gave it our own twist.

Basically with Session 3 you are:

  • reading a comic, 
  • making a comic (or something), 
  • and discussing situations that could be changed. 

This is how we adapted and "did it".
The comic in the Girl's Book is 10 pages long (maybe longer.. the book is not in front of me right now). The girls were like "Ugh... really? Do we have to read through all of this?" I laughed, because I shared their agony. We agreed that I would read some of it and tell the story and give them the highlights. I had read through the entire thing, so this was an acceptable alternative. We did this over snack.

After going through the comic, I also showed them a couple comic strips I found online that discussed something about Girl Scouts. There was one Baldo comic (it's below) about the girl who is going to be everything when she grows up and a Girl Scout, because she had to start somewhere. The other was Garfield who ate 12 boxes of cookies (I can relate to that...). The girls had actually just made comics in school that day... on the computer... my crayons and markers couldn't compete with that, but we tried.

Free Printable Comic Strip TemplatesI had printed up a comic strip template for them to use. The girl divided into two groups of 3 and were given 15 minutes to work as a team to develop a comic that had a "problem", "solution", and "good outcome". One group had a cat that ate a bird, puked it out, and became friends (yes, girls are gross like that). The other had a guy that was hungry, they sold him GS cookies, he was happy.

The twist came in here... I gave them 15 minutes and the girls really do work well together, but under a short time frame other things come into the picture. We had a great discussion afterwards about how sometimes it's hard to be part of a team. We talked about how to be honest and fair. Honest about how you are feeling and that you want your to have some input. Fairly treating one another with respect and letting everyone contribute. We also discussed working with deadlines and how to collectively work together to get the project done.

Since this was part of our Power of  a Team badge, it couldn't have worked out better. They met the goal of the book and they also attained team building skills and pinpointed strengths and weaknesses. 

In addition, our 1980s Windows to the Past activities did additional team building. The girls worked together to choreograph their moves for a music video. It was hilarious and enchanting all at the same time.


  1. Thanks so much for posting the 3rd part of this Journey!! Your ideas will help out our troop tremendously!! This really seems to get the idea across, and let the scouts accomplish their Journey on their level. It sounds like you were able to do this entire Journey in just 3 meetings - is that correct? We will be doing the 2nd part of this Journey at our meeting tomorrow. I think the girls are enjoy it and because it is so well put together (with your ideas!) they aren't bored, and are very much interested in working on this Journey! The rope with knots and the personalized journals were such brilliant ideas!

    Thanks again!

  2. Mary: Oh goodness, no. The posts are broken down by the sessions in the book. I believe there are 8 sessions. We just completed the 4th last night and selected our Take Action project.

  3. Thanks so much for all you do! These lessons have made it so much easier for me to keep on track and not get going too many different directions! We just had out 3rd meeting. We didn't make it to the comic strip, but I was prepared in case we did! We finished decorating our power logs, finished up the power of one badge, and started on the consensus. They had fun with that. I did introduce the idea of a community project. baby steps :)

    1. I'm so glad the posts have helped you! Just follow the lead of the girls and you'll never get lost. :)



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