Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Agent of Change: Session 4

Session 4 was actually broken up between two meetings for our troop. The girls had chosen to devote half of a meeting to singing. They love singing, so we did it. It also gave us time to decorate Lummi sticks (something the girls are really digging!)

For Session 4 we continued our Super Girl Stories in a "round" fashion. Each girl gave a super hero idea and they selected one to tell a story about. They absolutely love being on camera, so I recorded it for them. They took turns building the story as we went around the table.

It just so happened that we needed to make a decision about an outfit for the holiday parade. We used this to try out the "Fist to Five" activity described in the book. The girls quickly reached a decision by counting the pros and cons between two ideas.

We talked about Take Action projects for our Journey and once again was able to do fist to five to decide. Our list consisted of helping at a children's hospital, helping at RMHC, helping at an animal shelter, and cleaning up a park. The girls decided they wanted to help at an animal shelter. So, I'll be making some phone calls.

After deciding on a project, we play The Real Me. The girls really enjoyed this game and it was fun to learn things about one another and learn who is really good at lying. Ha!

We actually "ended" the second meeting covering this session with our Investiture and Re-dedication Ceremony. The girls were super excited and it was fun to announce they had made a choice about their Take Action project.

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  1. Your Take Action project sounds interesting - I'm interested in hearing about how the troop helped out at an animal shelter. My troop loves animals, and I suspect they may have the same idea! Thanks for posting your meeting details! Great job! Mary



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