Tuesday, October 9, 2012

World of Girls: Session 4

By Session 4, my co-Leader and I were really tweaking and cutting the fluff, so to speak. We wanted the girls to have a great experience, yet we didn't want to spend a ton of time MAKING them do things they weren't in to. Girl led, right? Yep yep... GIRL LED! Even if it means tweaking the book to fit your girls.

On page 17 in the Girls Book on the WORLD side (and if you haven't noticed by now, like I hadn't at this point... the book is a flip book and one side has WORLD in all uppercase and one side has GIRL in all uppercase. It helps when you start to understand how the book works.), the girls completed the Girls Teaching Girls activity. They filled in the skills they had and shared them with the group. We have one girl that was born in Korea and she actually attends school on Saturday to learn how to write and speak in Korean. She shared how to write her name and the other girls names with the group. Another girl said she was really good at duct tape crafts, so we encouraged her to share. She did end up making and bringing bracelets for all the girls in the troop. We went around and found things the girls liked and things they could teach each other. They chatted among themselves and the excitement grew.

Flipping to the GIRL side for pages 16&17: The next activity was drawing, which tied in well because one of the girls said she was really good at drawing. So she even gave a couple pointers on how to make the perfect tree. Each girl designed her own "dream park" and then we shared. They pointed out what was best and what was a "must have". Since we had started talking about cleaning up our school playground, it was a great time for me to bring up the point that no one drew trash on the ground... however I also pointed out no one drew a trash can... they quickly hurried to draw in trash cans. Ha!

So.. then came the serious discussion... what were we going to decide upon doing to change our world? The girls all seem troubled that their playground had litter on it. No one picks it up! they said in horrified voices. I asked the girls to think about the project, think about what we could do to make a lasting change, and what we would need if we were going to do this project. I left the discussion there and asked them to come back with ideas to formulate the plan at the next meeting. 

I posed the question from the book:  What If everyone would try to make a change? I heard "The world would be better.", "People would be nicer", "Things would get done." All very true and accurate answers.

We did some passport work, as our snack took us to Ireland and Britain. We made snack o lanterns filled with fruit. I had looked up the history of Jack O Lanterns and told them about that during snack time. So, we had a few flags to color and paste inside our passports. Now, looking back, I wish I would have had them write in the passport about why each flag was there. But alas, it's too late. Also, I had 3rd graders and they were hesitant about writing much at that level...drawing and coloring YES, writing... ehhhh...

To end our meeting, How Will the Story End? because of our project. Imagine a girl and how is her world better?

They are smart girls and they quickly answered

  • "It would be cleaner!", 
  • "It would look nicer!",
  •  "It would be safer!", 
  • "It would be healthier!"

... like I said... smart girls. 

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