Monday, October 15, 2012

World of Girls: Session 5&6

The girls had been interested in cleaning up their playground since Session 2. It sounded like a great idea to me and one that we could easily accomplish. My thought is we needed something for a Journey book, not their Gold Award. So, if they wanted to pick up trash... so be it.

Before this meeting, I went to the store and gathered big black trash bags and non-latex gloves (we have a Mom that is allergic to latex and I didn't want our trash collection to cause issues, even though her child would be washing up). I met the girls after school and we spent the first 30 minutes of our meeting picking up trash. To make a game of it, I divided the girls into two teams and had them count the number of pieces of trash they were collecting. We heard "45", "57", "This is huge, so it should count as two!" chattered back and forth across the playground. We surpassed our goal of cleaning the main playground and expanded it to the soccer field and lower open field area. The girls actually had lots of fun doing this and came up with the idea of cleaning up the park, too, at a later meeting.

Once we were inside, cleaned up, trash contained, etc., we made GORP for a snack. It was quick, easy, and customizable.... plus super yummy!

There were a few activities we needed to complete in order to finish the last badge for the Journey.

In the Leaders book, there is an activity titled "Drawing Ourselves". I gave each girl a piece of white cardstock and we had crayons and markers. We all drew ourselves based upon the list in the book. The girls giggled and I heard "This looks nothing like me." at first. By the ends they were comparing each others "I have a triangle and so do you!" We talked about how you can't really "see" a person by looking at their face. You have to dig deeper and find out about a person to find similarities. We all have differences and similarities that make us who we are.

The Hunt Is On was done in round table fashion. We only had 5 girls in our troop when we did this, so to make it into a scavenger hunt where they run around to tons of different girls just wasn't practical. Also because they all go to the same school and know each other pretty well. We used the chart from the leader's book and went down the list to fill them in. This wasn't as "active" as the creators of the book envisioned, but it still gave us a good sense of what we had in common.

We also played Sun & Ice, just as described in the book. The girls weren't that into it, really. I think with a bigger group it would be more fun. But, they played it and got some running in.

At the end of the meeting, we planned our last session for the World of Girls... to communicate to others what we did and why.

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  1. Do you have the 'Drawing Ourselves' activity? It sounds like it may align well with the Free Being Me program. Would you be able to share it with me? Thanks!



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