Thursday, December 13, 2012

Agent of Change: Session 6 (&7)

The Leader's Guide for the Journey combined Session 6 & 7. That's because you really are doing your Take Action Project and then reflecting on what you have done.

In order to keep my mind straight, I decided Session 6 was the Take Action and 7 will be our reflection.

For our Take Action project, we made the no-sew fleece blankets for the Humane Society. The girls also went home and asked parents to donate supplies the shelter could use. I was very impressed that 80% of the girls remembered and brought their items. I encouraged those that didn't to drop the items off at the shelter with their parents.

We took our blankets and supplies with us for the tour of the shelter. The lady that showed us around talked to the girls about what type of pets they accept, what they have there right now, why animals come to the shelter, and the ways they place animals. The girls were very interested in the opportunity to volunteer with socializing the animals (fancy name for playing with the animals).

The girls all pledged to speak with their parents about volunteering to help the shelter. They are going to spread the word to classmates about being a responsible pet owner and understanding the commitment that is involved in owning a pet. They also want to make more blankets.

At our last meeting dedicated to the Agent of Change, we will be putting together some quick photo books of things we have done and writing captions about our Journey as a memento of the activity. We'll also have an Awards Ceremony.


  1. Is the award ceremony you refer to is the Bronze award or is it only to award the Agent of Change Journey?

    1. We do a Court of Awards twice a year where we give out awards and badges earned.

    2. We do a Court of Awards twice a year where we give out awards and badges earned.



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