Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Agent of Change: Session 7

WE DID IT!!!! 

We finished Agent of Change and the girls have been able to see beyond themselves, beyond our troop, and reach out to the community in which we live. We also had a girl experience a harsh reality when her Grandma took a stray cat to the Humane Society... they tested the cat and found he had a disease and had to put him to sleep. She was very sad, yet understood the importance of not spreading this disease to other cats in the shelter. 

For our "wrap up" session, we were planning our Court of Awards Ceremony AND doing a recap of what we had done. I printed out 26 photos and got each of the girls a photo album to put the photos into, along with some blank white sheets to decorate and tell about what they did. 

They were to put the photos in the album and think about how each picture represented one of the powers... power of one, power of team, power of community. Of course, some photos overlapped the powers and that was fine, too. The girls worked on their albums for most of the meeting. 

They also planned their ceremony layout and decided how to be introduced, etc. Introduction of each girl is something we have done from the beginning.. they love hearing their name announced to come running and waving into the room. I really need to remember to get streamers or something for the end of the year and make is SUPER special. 

The girls LOVED the Journey. In fact, I was surprised by one decision last night. The girls created Power Logs way back in Session 1 or 2. I asked them if they wanted to continue to use the Power Logs or if they wanted to take them home with them. I explained the Power Logs were part of our Journey and that the Journey was over, but it was up to them whether or not they wanted to use them... It was a unanimous decision to continue the Power Logs. I was SHOCKED... but I love that they want to continue writing about what they have done and their thoughts and accomplishments at each meeting. These girls are amazing and they will change the world. 

After all, my agents of change... it's your world - change it!


  1. You are my hero! I just started working again at the beginning of this year and ended last session a bit frazzled. We just started back up for this session and will be working on this journey so that my returning girls could earn their Summit pin. I, honestly, was nervous as to were to start. Thank you so much for posting this step by step. :) ~Ashley

  2. This blog has been SO helpful to me--thank you!



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