Monday, February 4, 2013

Cookie Season 2013

I haven't forgotten you guys. I love all the emails and comments I'm getting, too. 

Cookie Season is happening here in Mid-Missouri and well... it's taken over my world. Our troop of 9 has 124 cases of cookies coming my way on Saturday and two booth sales next week. I'm a little frantic, but I know it will work out... right?

Anyway... I will tell you what we've been up to lately and what you can look forward to hearing about soon.

Our Juniors have earned their 2013 Cookie Activity Pin, 1990s Windows to the Past bar, 2000s Windows to the Past bar, and Cookie CEO badge. In addition, we are working on Junior Girl Scout Ways and the 2010s Windows to the Past. Coming up quickly is Drawing and Digital Photography. We're also keeping up with Pen Pals and planning a troop trip and thinking about a Journey in a Weekend for aMuse. 

The most exciting thing for me has been our SWAPs holders... I didn't see a way to truly tie that in to anything, but it works with the Junior Girl Scout Ways activities we are doing. It's not really a badge activity, but a great add-on. Those are fun, too!!

I hope to have some time later this week to let you know what we have done for the completed badges. 

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