Monday, February 25, 2013

Junior Badge: Drawing

You know what they say about the best laid plans, right? Well, in this instance the plan just wasn't enough!

I truly thought I had more than possible planned for the meeting where we were working on Drawing and Jeweler. We split both badges and did a couple activities from each. The girls completed everything and we still had time, so we finished up the Drawing badge.

My amazing Assistant Leader did the research and put everything together for this badge. Here is what the girls did.

For Drawing:

Each girl was handed a 6x8 sheet of sketch paper and an assortment of drawing mediums to choose from. They had crayons, pencils, pens, markers, and colored pencils. We left it up to them which they wanted to use.

1. Draw a still life
In the middle of the table, we set up a box of Honey Grahams and water bottles for their still life. They girls were asked to draw the still life in their medium of choice.

2. Learn to add shadows and shading
Keeping the same still life drawing, the girls were challenged to be observant and draw in the shadows of the objects. It worked out great, because the fluorescent lighting was really showing shadows on our table.

3. Draw from a perspective
With a new sheet of paper, Caitlin explained what perspective drawing was. She gave examples of different types and the girls once again were able to use whatever they wanted to create their artwork.

4. Draw like a graphic designer
This is the example I made. The girls were much better, but I didn't photograph them. They were asked to draw a logo of their name on a small piece of paper. (We then sandwiched it between two glass slides from Oriental Trading with metallic tape around the sides to turn it into a broach for their Jeweler badge. Think about combining activities from various badges to make one project work for a couple different things.)

5. Share your artwork
We have a troop blog and the girls decided they wanted their artwork posted there for friends and family to see. They also requested I put the drawings on FaceBook, which I did do. Any comments that I get will be passed along to the budding artists.

And... that was that!! They accomplished it all in one meeting, along with a few Jeweler activities. They did a great job and we all made sure we critiqued their artwork and shared how proud we were of them for getting so much done.


  1. Found this via Pinterest. Super helpful!! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Found this via Pinterest. Super helpful. Thanks for sharing!
    GS leader in Boulder, CO

  3. Was this all done in one meeting?

  4. Wow! How long are your meetings?

    1. They were basically 2 hours at that point.



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