Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Brownie The Girl Scout Way

Forgive me... It's been over a year since we did Brownie The Girl Scout Way, but we just finished up the Junior Girl Scout Way badge and I started thinking... oh yeah... I should do a post on the Brownie level.

My girls actually earned this twice... once as a Try It and once as a new badge. The badges look different, so... whatever. You can't go wrong learning about Girl Scouts and the basic values they should possess. 

When I'm doing my meeting plans (at least now I do this), I type out the activities as you will see the titles in this post. That way I remember which part of the badge we are working on and what the ultimate idea is. If at the meeting the girls aren't really in to one activity, we simple "get the point" and move on. No use beating a dead horse... or bored Girl Scout. 

Girl Scout Way 1 - Sing Everywhere

We actually did this and our Council's Sing Patch at the same time. The girls learned the five songs over the course of a few meetings and then they chose a couple to sing at Court of Awards at the end of the year. We also set up a time with a Daisy troop to teach them a few songs we had learned, too. The girls loved being the "big girls" and being idolized by the sweet little Daisys. 

Girl Scout Way 2 - Celebrate Juliette Gordon Low's Birthday

We didn't necessarily celebrate her birthday, but the birth of Girl Scouts. We earned this badge in March, so it tied in perfectly with the 100th birthday of Girl Scouts. We decorated the room, had balloons, cupcakes, games, and a lot of fun! It so happened that it was my actual birthday the night of the party, so it was a win-win for me. (and YES I do the scheduling for troop meetings and was fully aware that my birthday fell on a troop meeting day. What better way to spend your birthday with amazing Girl Scouts?)

Girl Scout Ways 3- Share Sisterhood - Create a play about good turns

The girls put on impromptu skits. I gave them a line from the Girl Scout Law and they had to come up with a way to act out the wrong way and the right way. We talked about the importance of doing good turns and came up with several simple ones they could do at home, such as emptying the dishwasher, grooming the pet, making their bed and cleaning their room without being asked, not fussing over homework, and just helping around the house and yard. 

Girl Scout Ways 4 - Leave a place better than you found it

The girls had such a great time cleaning up their playground for a service project with the journey, that we did the same for the church we meet at. We cleaned up the parking lot, the side lots, and the back. I must say they have to have someone doing that, because we didn't get near the amount of trash as we did at the school. But it still looked better when we were done. 

Girl Scout Ways 5- Read the Brownie Story and act it out

This tied in with traditions. The Brownie Story is a traditional Girl Scout story and one the girls need to know. It talks about Brownies after all. It sets the tone for the years of service ahead of them and makes them stop and think about ways to get involved. We read the story through once and then they chose parts and we went through it again with them acting it out. Their favorite part was the spinning and turning part... ha!

I want to say one thing about this badge... we didn't do it all in one meeting or one month... We spread it out. We did a couple things here, one there, one here, and finished it up at the end of the school year. You don't have to do all the activities in one meeting!! Just keep track of what you did and what you need to do and you'll be golden. I have a Leader friend that actually just has fun with her girls all year long and at the end of the year they sit and look through badges to see what they did. That would drive me insane, but it works for her. Whatever your approach, as long as the girls are having fun and learning and doing... you have met the goal. Don't stress over badge work. Focus on enjoying what you are doing. 


  1. This has been so helpful. Thanks!

  2. Thank you for your time, this is so very helpful.

  3. Thank you so much for sharing this! I wasn't a Girl Scout as a kid and I am now taking over a Daisy troop for my daughter when the leader just up and quit. First thing I did was have them bridge.... but now I am struggling with just how to get going on the badges. LOL. This page was a life saver.

  4. This is great--we'll be starting this badge today. Thanks for the tips!


  5. For this badge, my Brownies had a Juliette Low Birthday Party the day after her actual birthday (November 1st). They invited Daisies and Juniors to join the fun. The Brownies made each girl in the other two levels a Breast Cancer Awareness Swap. Each girl was able to decorate two sugar cookies and were told a story about Juliette Gordon Low as they were decorating. When they completed that, the Brownies and Juniors made Veteran Day Cards whole theh Daisies made the USA flag out of construction paper. After that activity, the girls played Pin the Petal on the Daisy. When the game was done, each girl gathered in a circle with a lit candle in their cupcake, singing Make New Friends. When the girls ate their cupcakes and had other refreshments, they were sent home with a ribbon necklace with a daisy and breast cancer ribbon charm, breast cancer awareness swap, breast cancer bracelet, and Juliette Low Party fun Patch. Lastly, the Brownies cleaned up the party area ‘better than how they found it”.

    1. Whoa!!!... talking about doing so much in just one event! That was great!

  6. Thank you! It was a lot of fun! I go all out for birthday parties, so being a Brownie leader doesn't help my habit lol