Thursday, September 19, 2013

Junior Badge: Digital Photography

The Digital Photography badge was a lot of fun for the girls and for me. They love taking photos. In fact, one of our kapers is to take photos at each meeting/event. So, they had done a lot of stuff already. But, it was nice to slow down a bit and focus on this.

We were blessed to have a college Journalism/Art student with us for a few meetings. So, we used her knowledge.

#1: Learn about digital cameras from an expert

The girls interview the college student and she was great to talk about why she like photography and what subjects she liked.

I also brought in my "good camera" and printed out a tips/tricks sheet from the internet and we reviewed it and talked about what different terms meant. The badge sheet included some basic terms, too, which I talked about with the girls and explained the differences, etc.

#2: Take tons of photos
Well, I can't say they took tons while focusing on this badge, but remember they had been photographing all sorts of stuff all year long, so they had this covered. Instead, I gave them a list of 5-7 items that they had to do.... such as "take a selfie, find a different perspective, macro photo, group shot, action shot, landscape photo".

#3 Edit three photos
THEN, with the photos they took... I brought in my laptop that has photo editing software and let them play. I did put a timer on it, because these girls would spend HOURS editing if you let them. They each got 10 minutes to apply filters, add borders, correct red eye, etc. If you don't have software, check out Picasa's photo editing tool. It's free and contains lots of fun stuff you can do.

#4 Make a digital photo project
I happen to have software for digital scrapbooking. So, after they edited photos, they used those to create a card or a page. I had them printed and they were used as invitations to our Court Of Awards at the end of the year.

#5 Share your photos
We did an online shared album of all the photos the girls took. I invited parents to view and share with family.

As a fieldtrip for this badge, we visited Miller Photography. Their Columbia facility is about 2 miles from our meeting location. It was very cool. The girls were able to see all the cool stuff professional photographers could have their prints turned into. The girls saw machines in action and how quickly orders are processed and shipped. They maintain a 99.9% 24 hour turn around rate even during Christmas season!! The girls' favorite was the laser cutting machine... how could they not be impressed seeing a laser burning through layers of chipboard to make album covers?


  1. I found you on Pinterest and am so happy I did. I am a Co-Leader and am thinking about starting my own Daisy Troop and your blog is so helpful. Please keep posting, you are appreciated!!

  2. Wow!!!!!!!! So glad I found this site. You have made my life easier. Thank so much!

  3. Thank you for this! I'm a co-leader for my junior troop and this was helpful! :) I love your site!



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