Thursday, September 5, 2013

Junior Badge: Scribe badge

I have to say... the Scribe badge was one of the quickest ones the girls flew through... In fact, I had planned to do 3 of 5 activities and the girls finished all 5 in one meeting... I think I have a batch of writers in my troop.

Scribe 1: Poetry  
We tied our Poetry to World Thinking Day, actually. The girls wrote poems about their Mom, which tied to the 2013 theme.

Scribe 2: Short Story (team)
I like to bring teamwork into any badge we do, because it's great to work alone and it's great to learn how to work together. The girls took turns passing around a piece of paper to create a progressive short story. We had done this before verbally, but the girls had never written down a story together. They did a great job.

Scribe 3: 10 words about me
Believe it or now, this was the most difficult for the girls to do. Although, I put a few "rules" on it... it had to be positive, had to be a characteristic other than physical appearance, and couldn't be general like "I'm funny". They did a great job.

Scribe 4: Write an article
The girls chose to write a troop newsletter together. They thought about the types of things they see in the paper and divided up the sections. One girl did a feature story, another community event (wedding), the weather, comics, and even the ads section were covered. I took their stories and drawings after the meeting and compiled them into a newsletter for each of them to have. It was rather cool, in my opinion.

Scribe 5: Opinion essay
The Opinion Essay was a shocker. These girls were in 4th grade... 10 years at the oldest. The topics they chose to write about was not why cheddar is better than mozzarella or why you should eat dessert... These girls chose their topics and addressed gun control, freedom of speech, and using resources like electricity wisely. I could not believe their topics.... yes, these are tomorrow's leaders and if they keep that drive the world will be a better place. 


  1. Thanks! I was unsure how to pull it off in a group setting.

  2. Thanks for the article.

  3. How long did this meeting take?

    1. Our meetings were 2 1/2 hours at this point.

  4. The short story idea is brilliant! I also love the guidelines for writing about themselves as well, not that the whole article isn't helpful, but those two things really stand out. I will be using these two ideas- my girls have really been struggling on this badge that they want to do so badly and this will help a lot. Thank you very much!



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