Monday, December 9, 2013

Junior Badge: Detective

This was one of my most favorite badges that we have done thus far. It was fun for the girls and for me! Not that I feel the need to be entertained, but this was very cool!!

As always, there were 5 requirements for the badge and this is how we got it done. 

Detective 1: Spot the difference
Anytime you can use an online source for help... DO IT! The first requirement was to observe, so why not a spot the difference activity. The girls made a "race" out of this and tried to see who would find the most differences the fastest. It was cool to see them then come together and help one another find all the ones they may have overlooked.

Detective 2: Make invisible ink (lemon juice, baking soda, q-tips)
This is where I must inject a little issue I have with the badges in the new program... it doesn't tell you what is supposed to work and I didn't find an exact recipe on how to make these... basically you make two different types of invisible ink and have the girls write with qtips. We then took the heat gun to heat it up and figure out which was easiest to be seen. I won't give away our discovery, though. 

Detective 3: Fingerprint for fun (ink, cardstock)
I gave the girls fingerprint cards that I made and printed on cardstock and ink pads. They filled their cards and compared. They also looked at the patterns in their fingerprints and discussed the different types, etc. 

Detective 4: Detect Handwriting details (article about detectives to copy)
I just copied out the article about the detectives from the badge sheet and the girls and I discussed it for this. It was pretty easy peasy. With the instructions not to doodle or put their name on the sheet, I had the girls copy down a mystery and hand them all in. Then, I shuffled them and showed one at a time to see if the girls could decide which one belonged to who. 

Detective 5: Create a clue hunt (5 clues to find secret sister gift)
We tied this in with Global Action and had made little swaps for one another, so lastly for the detective badge the girls made up clues to lead their friends to the hiding spot for their gift. They saw how difficult that it can be writing and decoding clues. But, we found all the stuff back. Success!! 


  1. I've got a group of Juniors (and Brownies, and Daisies) in my troop. This looks like just a fun badge to do with them!

  2. We completed this badge with our troop over the Summer using some of your ideas and some of our own! We have a family friend who was a fingerprint analyst that talked to the girls and a Biology teacher come in to talk about DNA! It was a fantastic afternoon and was completed in only 3 hours!

  3. Thank you so much for the great ideas. Have to say took me awhile to figure out the story though. I should've started dinner 30 min ago, but I've been stuck. Just got it. lol Very cool ideas and so easy to use. Thank you.

  4. I completed this with my troop last night -- took less than 2 hours! The girls loved it and I had fun as well :o) I altered Step 2 in order to use that skill later in Step 5 -- we learned about code writing and did a fun morse code activity. For Step 5 I had the girls use the skills they just learned (observation, code breaking, fingerprinting) to decipher clues that led to a scavenger hunt.
    Thanks so much for the great ideas!!



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