Monday, December 2, 2013

Junior Badge: First Aid

 If you have been a leader for a while, then most likely you have done the First Aid Badge... it's at every level, building on the last. It's great in theory, except when their activities overlap and are the same as the time before. The girls get bored and so do I! So... we improvise. I hear my Grandma saying "Improvise, improvise, improvise." in response to my "I don't have" or "I'm out of" or "I'm so tired of"... tweak it, ladies. It's fine. Promise!

I'm going to tell you what we did and I'm going to supply you with some resources I used to get this badge earned. 

First Aid 1: 1st Steps for an Emergency (choice posters/skits/video) - Check, Call, Care sheet (link to Red Cross sheet; but there is also one on page 3 of the Junior badge guide that you can use)
I gave the girls the choice of what to do on this. They were supposed to study the sheet and then do something to explain. They chose to make a video. Remember this is our transition year and I'm trying to "let go" and make them "do it". Well, let's just say the first take wasn't a keeper. I actually gave them a talk about the importance of taking this seriously, as it is a badge activity and asked if they felt they met the requirement. The 2nd take was much better and keeper. Not as I would have done it, but it was fine and it was theirs. It covered the basics and they got the point. 

First Aid 2: Talk to First Responders (video with note taking/interview)
So, in theory wifi is wonderful... but sometimes technology hates me. About 1/2 way through the wifi died and I couldn't get it back. So, we watched the first 1/2 and I had the girls give me a lot of information about what they heard and learned. They did this while eating a snack. I'm not opposed to field trips, I just don't want to have to do them for every badge.
First Aid 3: Portable First Aid Kit (Paracord Bracelets)
We did backpack kits as Brownies. Finding all the stuff to put in them is challenging and I don't see the point in buying a kit, taking it apart and putting it back together. So, paracord bracelets are all the rage with the girls (or were when we did this). Instead, I tweaked this and decided to go with something different. We discussed some basic survival skills and what to do if you are out hiking and wasn't prepared with a First Aid Kit...we made the bracelets and went over the ways they could use them from the basics I knew... then, I had the girls come up with other ways they could be used. They were quite clever, I must say.
First Aid 4: Review discuss First Aid chart (link to extrenal site) & word searches
We did talk about some basic injuries that may happen around the home and how to treat them. We did the word search and I had the girls go over each thing and explain to me what it was, too. They are very knowledgeable by 5th grade.
First Aid 5: Talk to family members and neighbors about what makes them feel better when sick
This is part of our transition... yep, I give homework for Girl Scouts. I have done that for just about every badge this year, because they have to start taking some responsibility or else they won't be prepared for the shock of Cadettes next year. So, I gave them the sheet and put it on our troop website and told them to bring it back. When they did, I marked them down as earned for the badge. Everyone returned it, too. 


  1. Thank you for organizing these badge earning activities! It has been a great help in putting together our work for the First Aid badge; particularly because I have a Brownie/Junior blended Troop! I look forward to visiting back for your Cadette ideas, because some of our girls are Bridging as well!
    Thanks again!!



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