Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Get Moving Journey as a Sleepover

UPDATE 10/26/15: 
I have had several people request a link to my spider video... I would skip to 2:20 for better focus, though the first part shows her spinning her web around the wasp.

Our troop has now officially had the opportunity to complete all three Junior Level Journeys... yes, we are that crazy. No, really, the girls are motivated. They really wanted the Journey Summit pin and there were a couple girls that needed to do a Journey in order to do their Bronze. 

So... I sat and looked through the Journey book and read the overview and went over it again and again. I couldn't find a plan like I found for aMuse, so I decided to come up with my own. How hard could it be, right? Ha! It did take a bit of time. Not going to lie... but, it was worth it. 

This is how we broke down our days. We did an overnight. Before the times you see, we did drive to the program center, unpack, get our stuff situated, etc. But, as far the Journey, this is how it went down. 


Sunday:6:30-9:30PM Complete Session 1 - 3
9:30PM Night Routine
9:30-11:00PM Movie and Finish up any unfinished crafts
11:00PM Lights Out

Monday: 8:00-8:30AM Morning Routine
8:30-9:30AM Breakfast (cereal, fruit)
9:30-12Noon Session 4 & 5/6
12-1PM Lunch (soup and sandwich, fruit/cookies)
1PM-4:00PM Session 7-11
4:00-4:30PM Pack up and Clean

I want to stress that I had FOUR girls and THREE adults doing this. The PDF  (link below) will show that we set it up as three stations and had the girls rotate through. As they did one activity, the other two stations were cleaned up and set up for the next activity. It worked well. Some of the activities took more time and others less. The times reflected are estimates. Don't think you are going to go to the minute... you won't. But, it gives you a basic idea of how to get it done.

No tricks, no joke, no triple clicking to who knows where... just a link to the PDF at Google Docs. 
It's a public link, so it should be a simple click and get operation. 
Let me know if you use it and if it works for your group. 


  1. Thanks for the plan!! I'm leading a Get Moving sleepover with my troop soon and this will be a big help!

  2. Thank you so much!! My girls also want to get their Journey Summit pin. We finished Agent of Change this past year and are doing AMUSE this upcoming year. I am going to offer this as a 2-day or 3-day day camp to do this journey.

  3. Where do i find the two videos you referenced? one was a panda video.

  4. This is so fantastic!! Thank you so much for sharing your plan!!!

  5. I am always at a loss with these Journey's! I think maybe I OVER think them so THANK YOU for making it simple!

  6. We're planning a Get Moving sleepover this winter and I appreciate your notes on how you did it with your troop. We have 5th grade Juniors and we do one Journey every year so this is our 6th Journey. I feel like the Journey guides start out great and then they lose steam. My girls love learning new things and then they get so bogged down with the Take Action project part of the Journeys. In happens pretty much every time. What did your girls do for their Get Moving Take Action project? I feel like we need to do something quick and not-so-involved since we want to do it as a sleepover.

    1. We actually turned our building audit of the campground lodge into a formal letter to the CEO and Properties Manager for our Council to discuss what we found and recommend some attention to a couple areas. I emailed their letter to the respective people and they did take the time to answer the girls back.

  7. Hi Lora, could you send me the PDF directly. I am having difficulty accessing it through Google Docs. Many thanks!

    1. sorry about that... the link should be fixed now.

  8. Yoour pdf download does not work. It says author has trashed the pdf.

    1. ugh... I'll have to look for it... I'm not sure what happened...

    2. that should be fixed now...



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