Monday, May 5, 2014

Service Unit Patches

This is NOT the complete set, but I'm excited and I have to share. I don't want to brag (maybe I do a little...), but I had this crazy idea about 2 years ago to start providing our Leaders with a newsletter each month that went over all the information we try to push out and get to the girls. Well... what is a newsletter without a crest or logo of some sort, right?

We held a contest and asked the girls in our Service Unit to design a logo for our Service Unit. We told them it would be used on the newsletter and event registration our Service Unit pushed out. What we didn't tell them, because we weren't sure, was that we hoped to get it made into a patch! Oh, yeah... a PATCH! If you are a Girl Scout (and chances are if you are reading this, you are...), you know that patches are the best thing ever!! Girls and adults collect them... okay, it's possible I know a few adults that are way more excited about patches than girls, but hey... we give a lot of time if we want a cute patch --> SO BE IT!!

The Service Team was super excited and insisted we find someone to make our logo into a patch. It took a while to find a company that could do it and do it well. It is a large patch, 4" in diameter, and we love it! We had patches made of the Service Unit Logo about 6-9 months after the newsletter came out. 

Then, this year, I had another idea (this may be why the Service Team just shakes their head at me... I'm full of ideas...) What about designing rocker bars to fit around the patch?! My fellow patch hounds were delighted!! So, that's what we did this year. Each event we hosted (all 13 of them!), we designed a rocker bar to fit around. There were a couple snags along the way (notice the Pool Party patch... yeah, that's cause yours truly didn't catch the height of the patch was not the right size.... and the space between the patch and the logo drives me slightly insane... any ideas on what to do about would be greatly appreciated... or maybe it will just serve as a constant reminder to double check your measurement... sigh.)

At our Volunteer Appreciation Dinner on April 22, 2014, I presented each of the Service Team Members with a framed set of the event patches and SU logo patch as a gift from me to them. We all work hard. They were happy and I heard "oh! That's why you were insistent and asked if we wanted a rocker for every event." and "Now I see why the Pool Party patch size upset you so much." HA HA!! I love those ladies so much!!! They totally rock. 

We have 4 events that are not represented in the photo above, because they haven't happened yet. Remind me and sometime in August I'll post the full collection. :)

OH! And because I know you are wondering what amazing and awesome patch company was able to make these gorgeous patches for us... Emblem Enterprises is their name and the most stunning patches are their game! (They don't know I'm doing this and I get nothing from it. But, Ms. Kitty (she's a GS, btw) is awesome and she has been a tremendous help this year. If you do check into getting patches with them, please tell them the crazy gal from Columbia, MO mentioned their company to you. )


  1. Your service patches look amazing!!

    1. Thanks. They have been a hit with many in our Service Unit and many from other places that see our girls, too. :)

  2. Michele FlahertyJune 22, 2016 at 4:29 PM

    Where did you get the patches made?

    1. I designed all of them and worked with a manufacturer. I actually do custom patch design work:



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