Monday, May 12, 2014

Song: Purple Stew

This song is one that we turned into a game of sorts. The girls LOVE IT!! I know some use this with a scary story, but we use it as light and cheery fun!

We begin by having EVERYONE (adults included!) stand in a circle with 1-2 girls that know the song and are leading in the middle. They are the ones that start the fun.

Sing the song through and if you are in the middle of the circle you choose someone to bring in with you when you get to that part of the song.

Continue to sing it through until everyone is smushed into the middle of the circle and no one is left standing on the outside.

The girls giggle and love this song. It's a great way to get the adults involved, too, as they can't resist a little girl coming to take their hand and lead them into the fun.

Purple Stew

Making my purple stew, (pretend to stir a pot of stew)
Whip whip, whip whip, (swish side to side)
Making my purple stew, (pretend to stir again)
Scooby dooby doo, (arms are rotating in front of body)
With Purple potatoes, and purple tomatoes, (reach behind you and
put something in your pot with one hand
and then the other)
and YOU in my purple stew! (the girls in the middle each pull

someone into the middle of the circle)

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