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Take Action Project: Get Moving Journey

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As you probably already know, you are to do a service project (or Take Action Project aka TAP) with each Journey. Several people are intimidated by this, but really you shouldn't be. We do service projects all the time with our girls and just don't think about it. I know we all do!

We :

  • collect food for the food pantry,
  •  toys for pets, 
  • blankets for the shelters, 
  • cookies for safe houses, 
  • books for transition houses,
  • and the list goes on and on. 

So, take a deep breath and keep it simple.

The Get Moving! Journey is all about energy conservation and innovating to save energy... so, yeah.. recycling. Part of one of the not-so-latest trends is upcycling, too.

We did the Get Moving Journey right about the same time as cookie sales... with cookie sales comes cookie booths. I gave the girls several options for a Take Action Project (TAP). I suggested they could:

  • make signs for the lodge where we hold our sleepovers on water conservation, 
  • signs for the doors to check to make sure they were closed, 
  • conserve energy signs for their homes or schools, 
  • or we could do something to promote recycling/upcycling to give out at our cookie booth. 

Now, seriously, the signs would have been a LOT less work. So, I have to say I was proud of the girls when they decided to do something for the booth to hand out to people passing by.

We made coffee cozies from old jeans. We used old jeans, fleece (clearance rack, but you could use old sweats if you have any? or an old thermal/flannel baby blanket, if you can part with one), buttons that I had on hand, velcro from the closure, and needle/thread. We did a sandwich of:

  • Denim
  • Fleece
  • Denim

then, whipstitched (blanket stitch) them together. We tried to hot glue the velcro on, but that didn't work. So, I machine stitched that on. In addition the girls used the scraps to cut out free style circles of fleece and denim to layer (3 layer) with a button in the middle for a cute little flower looking thing. They also cut out hearts and random shapes.

The girls all made 2 each and then they delegated... they learn that from me, but somehow have mastered it much better than I have... we cut out several pieces and then they asked me if I would sew them, since we were out of time. I agreed and did... plus more... They also wrote up information about the project, why they were doing it, etc. etc.

The coffee cozies were a HIT!! We offered them to people walking by our booth and at first they would say "How much?" or "I don't need any cookies." So, these girls learned quickly... I started saying "Can you do me a favor and just help the girls with a Take Action Project? They have to do a project with each of their journey's and are trying to hand these out to people. You don't need to buy cookies and we don't expect you, too. Really, it's fine. But, can you help them out?" People were SHOCKED... touched... and I will admit, a lot of people ended up buying cookies and giving a donation for the cozy (after they insisted we would take it).

Here is where I got the idea, but... we didn't use buttons and hair elastics... we used 2" wide velcro.

I wish I had one to show you, but.... I gave them all away!!!! BOOOOOOOO!!!!!

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  1. What a great idea!! Such a nice thing for the girls to be able to share something that they have made themselves. And I bet you put a smile on many peoples face!



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