Friday, June 20, 2014

Guest post: Inside Government and Customer Insights

I'm so happy Karen from Troop 42820 sent me these ideas and gave me permission to share with all of you! She has some great ideas. 

For Inside Government—
  • For Step 1, we did Be an active citizen in action. We made a list of things we thought made an active citizen, and since some of our girls were new to the Girl Scout Law, we talked about how the Law was like being an active citizen.
  • For Step 2, we invited the Vice Mayor from one of our communities to our troop meeting. As a bonus, she was a long-time Girl Scout! She talked about how she helps to make laws, and shared with us the process of creating the law governing the keeping of residential chickens in our village. :) The girls were very interested and had a lot of questions!
  • For Step 3, instead of laws, technically, I looked at some issues that were either up for a vote or had recently been voted on in our community—things that the girls could relate to, like a police/fire levy and even the renewal of a swimming pool levy. We took a vote by using small post-its—the girls wrote 'yes' or 'no' and placed them in cups (we did 3) for each issue. Then 3 volunteers counted the vote and announced the results. Girls who wanted to share their votes stated which way they voted and why. We had some lively discussions. :)
  • For Step 4, the girls had a choice—some watched an online video of their community council meeting and wrote an article, while others followed the local news and wrote a "letter to the editor". 
  • For Step 5, girls made posters in support of our school district's renewal levy, and I posted them on our school's Facebook page.

For Customer Insights, girls did a fair amount on their own and we discussed it as a troop. My girls love to talk... and sometimes get a bit off topic, but I want them all to be heard. :)  So sometimes we don't get as much packed into a meeting as we need to in order to earn as any badges as they want.
  • For Step 1, we visited and talked to the local owner of a cupcake shop! We also used this outing to fulfill Step 2 of Cookie CEO. After our visit she even made Girl Scout cookie-themed cupcakes for a few weeks. :)
  • Steps 2, 3 and 4 were done pretty much as they are listed—I gave the girls handouts with a picture of the badge and the guidelines at the top so they could make notes and bring them back to a meeting for discussion.
  • For step 5, we did role-playing at our cookie sale kick-off meeting. During that exercise we also did step 4 of Cookie CEO and Skill 4 of the Cookie Activity Pin. :) The girls enjoyed practicing their pitch and getting tips on improving it, and then enjoyed being the potential customer as well.

If you would like to contribute to the blog, please let me know. :)

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