Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Independence Badge

Updated 3/17/17 to include the Habit Tracker

This badge went against all values we were trying to instill in the girls at the end of the last semester of their Junior year. They were struggling to work as a team. They were bickering and emotional and well... being 5th grade girls. But, it was one that I felt they needed to earn. It built some self-confidence and it helped me bridge the thought with them that they are now the "older girls". They need to be able to do things on their own, if for no other reason than I believe with my whole heart they can. So, we tackled it...

Independence 1: Help take care of a car

We can't be experts at everything. I don't pretend to know everything about everything. I can talk my way through just about anything, but sometimes it's good to get other involved. Sometimes it's very rewarding for others to be involved. My husband LOVES cars. He is restoring a 1976 MGB and we have our hopes set on another classic car to add to our family soon. I asked if he would like to take care of this. He agreed, though I had to talk him down from teaching them how to change the oil and explain we were doing baby steps. I also assured him he would be able to do that when they were a bit older. His enthusiasm was exciting, though. Then life happened and he got stuck at work and was running late. So, I went over the interior gauges and talked about this and that and all the stuff I know about batteries, oil, etc. Hopefully I didn't make too much stuff up. Ha! It wasn't intentional. The Green Knight arrived just as I was starting to go over the stuff under the hood. He took over and the girls were captivated! He had a grin so big I thought his face was going to split. There's just something about your daughter and her friends listening to every word like it was gospel.

Independence 2: Learn 2 sewing skills 

Anything to do with sewing... I got this! For this requirement, the girls sewed a button on to two layers of felt flowers and then onto a safety pin for a felt flower corsage. Weeks later I saw them adorning backpacks and that really makes you smile. 

The other practical skill we learned with this was sewing a patch on! I volunteer sewing services to my girls, because mothers don't sew. But, these girls are going to know how! I purchased bandanas and had some left over fun patches. The girls each chose one and a thread color. I showed them how to whip stitch it on quickly and explained this is all they need to do for badges and patches. They were excited. We'll see if they really learned when they have or don't have badges on their uniforms next year.

HOMEWORK: Independence 3: Break a habit (on my honor)

I put together a sheet to send home for them to break a habit. I told them on their honor they had to do it, because there really wasn't any way for me to know if they had or not truly broken a bad habit. They did report back and share their accomplishments.

Resource: Habit Tracker

Independence 4: Clean to a beat (set up to a beat for Court of Awards)

We cranked up the music and cleaned the place up and then set the place up for Court of Awards. The girls did great working together... time management was a bit of a problem, but all in all they did a great job.

Independence 5 - Field Trip to HyVee: Run an errand

Each girl will have an item she has to go find for our snack and use good shopping skills to make wise choices. The girls were given $5 and were tasked to find a healthy snack AND drink. They had to complete the challenge own their own, including paying for it. I stressed the importance to watch their prices, as I wouldn't bail them out. I also gave them 2 additional challenges for a little competition. Whomever finished first got to keep the change. Whomever spent the least amount of money also got to keep the change. They weren't allowed to share ideas or work together for this... after all, it's the Independence badge.

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  1. Thanks so much for this post. It's given me a great direction to take with this badge for our girls. We're going to build the badge into a field trip to Austin TX museums, which will give our girls the chance to learn how to use public buses. (We live in a suburb without public transportation.)



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