Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Amaze Journey - Interact Part 1

We were going to do the Amaze journey as a sleepover and then we decided with three years of Cadettes that we want to slow the pace. I found this AWESOME Turnkey program from Girl Scouts of Northeasten New York ( We are using this outline and bringing in our own stuff and planning as we go.

For our first meeting, we did more than just the Amaze journey.... we

  • talked about meeting structure
  • talked about Cadette badges
  • everyone got their uniform
  • everyone got stuff they are to bring to each meeting (notebook, pens, pencils, Amaze girl book, water bottle)
But... you are here for Amaze, right? Probably so, since that's the title of the post... I am loosely following the Turnkey example and bringing my own things in, too. 

Introduce Amaze
- group discussion on what they think the journey might be about
- read page 5
- discussed what that meant to them
- asked if they had to ever make hard decisions, had disagreements with friends, etc.
This was an eye opener. Not because they had to make tough decisions, but the depth and maturity in the discussion. The young ladies are not the same girls I remember at the beginning of last year or even the end of last year. This group has matured and they are amazing!!

Interact Award Activities (this was not completed in one meeting, but part of it was... this is what we did)
- Group Share: Share one interesting or funny fact about yourself that we know already (Easy when
we are bringing together 4 troops and 1/2 of the girls are new!)
- 2 Truths and a Lie: Come up with three statements and share. See if we can guess which is a lie. The truths were interesting and got the girls talking about their lives and experiences
- Peacemaker Kit: I bought cardboard paper mache boxes at JoAnn's for $1/each. The girls used duct tape and self adhesive ribbon embellishment to decorate them up. They are to bring them to each meeting as we will be adding to them. 

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