Monday, October 13, 2014

Amaze Journey: Session 2

Oh, no, we did not give up! Our second meeting with the girls this year was the Amaze Journey Session 2... sort of... we tend to make it fit our troop and not follow the book word for word. The book is a reference, not a stone path to follow and if you step sideways you fall into the abyss... it's there for help, not for hindering... remember that!

This was our 2nd meeting:
(Before I begin this, please note our meetings are now almost 3 hours long... so, yeah.... we get a lot done. If your meetings aren't that long, break it down.)

Trusted Adult Activity - I asked the girls to vote on whether they wanted to do these during meetings or as homework with an adult of choice. It was pretty much unanimous to do these in troop meetings. So, we drew names and during snack we met with the girls for about 5 minutes each. I had the ones waiting work on Walk In My Shoes and the 1st Peacemaker Kit. 
You can find the Walk In My Shoes and Peacemaker sheet as follows:
  • Walk in my shoes (sheet) - pg 32 girl book
  • 1st Peacemaker kit offering (sheet) - pg 25 girl book
If you are using the overnight plan I mentioned in the first session, they are attached with the PDF.
Team Agreement Parking Lot 
I gave each of the girls 3 post it notes and asked them to write down something on troop behavior. If you have a conflict this is an acceptable way to resolve it. This thing should never be done, etc. Some examples "If you disagree with someone, it's not acceptable to roll your eyes." "If you have a conflict with a troop member, you should talk through it and explain why you are upset in a nice way."

Once they filled out their post-its, I had them create a parking lot on a large sheet of paper and discuss the various items they came up with. We didn't spend TOO much time on this, because let's get real... these girls have heard this a lot and the whole journey is about it. So, we'll bring it up more as we go. 

Beneath the surface beach ball game - page 20 girl book
The girls LOVED this game. We combined 2 games into one. We used the BUZZ game along with it, so it was more fun than just toss the ball, answer the question. 

To prep: Use the list of questions on page 20 in the girls book (or page 6-7 in the overnight plan) and write all the questions on the ball. Then, use a dark colored masking tape (I used regular and I had to layer it because you could see through the tape...) to cover the questions up. 

Time for play!
Explain we are going to toss the ball to someone in the circle and count... 1,2,3,4,5,6, BUZZ! Instead of 7, you say BUZZ. If you mess up and say "7", then you are skipped. You aren't out, you just don't get to answer a question. Keep track and make sure everyone gets a turn. The BUZZ person removes tape from a section, reads the question, and answers it. Tell the girls they have X seconds to answer or else you could run into really long stories (been there, done that... 10 minutes later... girls love to talk. We don't want to squash that, but we need to play fair and keep it moving). 

We did 2 rounds. Everyone answered 2 questions and then we stopped. The girls loved the game and asked if we could do it again sometime. Next time, I'll have them blow up the beachball and cover the questions with tape... apparently, I'm not full of hot air! Took forever to blow up that beach ball! HA!

Interact Award Activity:
I looked through the overnight plan and I wanted to make sure I wasn't missing pieces of the awards with the journey. I decided to add to it and pull out a couple things. Plus, I needed a crafty thing for the girls to do... all talk and no crafts makes a dull meeting. So, this is what I came up with. I just pulled 2 items from the list in the girls book and went with it. 

Antibullying CampaignThe girls voted on how to spread the word on this. They were told to have it done by the next meeting. Their choices:message for email/text signature line, (Just kidding just hurts)* text to all friends* locker poster* decorate back of notebook
Make notecards to give to friends
Supplies: cardstock, envelopes, paper, glue, embellishments
I brought in everything they needed to make 3 notecards and instructed them to handwrite a nice note thanking a friend for being a friend and why they valued their friendship. They were excited about this... maybe the art of a handwritten note is not lost on this generation. 

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