Thursday, October 16, 2014

Guest Post : Words Hurt

My troop has been working on the Amaze journey. Part of the Interact Award is to do an anti-bullying campaign. My stepdaughter has decided to do a "Words Hurt" campaign by putting her message on business cards for me to pass out at the 2014 Girl Scout National Convention.

If you received one of those cards, you should have been routed here. If you didn't and you just found this post, that's awesome... keep reading. Please read her "call to action" below. -- and thank you for helping.

Hi! I'm from Troop 70258 and we are doing the Amaze journey. It's all about building friendships and working on relationships. It's also about anti-bullying and how to spread the word about the reason bullying is destructive and could potentially cause someone to end their own life! 

I know sometimes when you are with friends, it's easy to tease and not know when to stop. I like joking around and I do tease my friends, but there needs to be a limit. You have to know when to stop. Words hurt! If you constantly tell someone they can't do this or aren't good at that, they are going to believe it no matter what the truth is. We're all trying to get through this world and life is hard enough without having to deal with people that tease and put you down. 

So, I asked my step-mom to pass out these cards and I'm hoping other troops will join my campaign. I encourage you to spread the word at your school. Words hurt! You can never take them back and they can't be unheard. Please remember to be careful what you say. You don't what they might already be going through. 

You can send my step-mom an email, if you want, and let me know you have joined in the fight against bullying and are spreading the word. If this sparked a cool idea, please comment below or you can email and share a photo. 

Thanks!! Have a great day!

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