Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Amaze Session 3

Sorry it's been so long since my last Amaze entry. Girl Scouts start up and well... if you are a Leader, then you know what I mean. We are in the midst of cookie season now and that is always crazy busy, too. But, I have a little time to breathe. So, I'm going to try to get this caught up to where we are. (We finished the journey! YAY!!!)

To finish up Session 2 in the book, we had one activity left.

Stereotypes (pg 22/23 girl book) - Draw circle in middle and little ones around. Name in the middle and characteristics in the smaller ones

The girls really didn't have much trouble with this, except that we learned that some stereotypes that were present when we were kids no longer apply. Apparently, no one thinks blondes are dumb (I'm happy about that) or that wearing glasses makes you a nerd. So, in some ways I guess the world is better.

With that, we began Session 3
Where do you stand (pg 52/53 Leader Guide): This game has you mark out a number line on the floor. You give the girl scenarios (A friend is drinking, but swear they have it under control. You tell an adult.) The girls then have to stand on the line between 1 and 10 to say how much they agree with that scenario. I have to admit I was shocked on a few of results and floored by the level of maturity in their reasoning. Yes, I made them give a reason why they did or did not support the statement. I learned a lot of good things about the girls and feel they are going to be okay in this crazy world.

Cliquish (pg 54 Leader’s Guide; pg 56/57 girl book)
This activity made the girls think. They were shocked to think a Girl Scout troop could be a clique, if not kept in check. A couple of the girls actually questioned about groups they were in and thought they might have clique-like tendencies. Always good to make sure you are excluding people. Never good to just overlook and accept it.

What Really Matters (pg 31 girl book) - on own
A little quiet time and snack. I don't know the results on this, because the girls didn't have to share how they ranked anything and chose to kept it to themselves.

10 friendship tips (pg 33 girl book) - group
As a group the girls came up with tips on how to be a good friend. It ranged from being nice to standing up for your friends to listening. Yep, these girls are growing up. It didn't consist of having everything in common.

Back To Back - Friendship game (pg 51 Leader Guide)
This has got to be the most fun I have had watching a game in a long time! HA! I had the girls start by lining up shortest to tallest. It's important to have 2 girls that are similar in height or else it's more difficult.

They stand back to back with arms linked and then together work to sit flat on the floor and then stand back up. Easier said than done. 

Then, we had all of them stand in a circle facing out with arms linked and do the same thing. It was quite comical and the girls learned to start communicating and working together.

Shoe Factory - (pg 51 Leader Guide)
Another game to finish our day. Everyone takes off their right shoe and puts it in a pile, then they have to grab a different shoe, put it on (or slightly on if it isn't big enough), then place both their feet against the other people with their matching shoes... it ends up in a tangled mess. The girls thought it was too easy, though, so we put a timer on it and made them race to get it done. 

All of these ideas can be found in the packet we are using and in the books. The page numbers refer to the girl's book or Leader's Guide and are marked. 

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