Monday, January 19, 2015

Amaze Session 4

This was by far the EASIEST session we did. It was also the most eventful meeting... a girl was eating popcorn off the floor (WHAT?!), a girl lost a tooth, a girl didn't make it to the bathroom... then again, maybe it wasn't the easiest meeting we had. Ha!

For Amaze Session 4 we did a few activities that you can find right in the book and then.... we watched a movie suggested in the book.

Test Your Gut (pg 58/59 girl book) - on own
We did this while having a snack. I do that alot. Pick an activity they can do while munching on carrots or popcorn or whatever you are having. The girls are getting older and I have found that they are conscious about what they eat and they actually prefer healthier snacks, rather than the sugar loaded crap they used to beg for. 

I had the girls do this and share only if they wanted to. A lot of this journey is on opinion and what is right for one girl, may not be for another. They are really good about reading into the scenarios and such, too. So... I just wanted them to have some time to think about how they felt and how they prioritize things. This was a goo activity for that. 

I-Statements (pg 62-67 girl book; 55/56 leader book) - in pairsWe talked about these in length. Use your I statements to resolve conflict. If someone upsets you, you need to explain why, because they may not understand what the big deal is. One friend may be able to "take a joke", while another may be upset over the same comment. You can't be mad at someone or end a friendship, if you haven't given them a chance to understand why it was upsetting. So... use your I Statements. 

I feel _____ when you said/did/whatever. 

This is a good activity, even if you aren't doing the journey. Tween/teen girls often get feelings hurt and upset with one another. They are growing, changing, and turning into young women and let's face it... we are NOT all the same. Thank goodness!!

Movie: The Clique
The rest of the meeting was huddled around my laptop watching a movie. I will tell you, so you aren't caught off guard like I was. They use the "B" word a few times in the movie. I think I was more phased than the girls were, though. It actually gave us the opportunity to talk about language and what they have heard. How they felt about it and how it reflects on you when you use it.

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