Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Amaze Session 5/6

This meeting was an interesting one. We saw into the lives of our now Middle School girls and heard some of the things they are facing and how they are dealing with all the changes in their world. I have to say I wanted to grab each of them and give them a hug and tell them it will get better.

What is Bullying: 
As a group, I had the girls write out what bullying meant to them. What have you seen? What have you heard? How did you feel? Have you been bullied? Have you seen others? Did you step up or walk away? Have you ever been guilty of bullying?

Cyber Bullying: 
Then, we branched over to Cyber Bullying. I have to say I was impressed at their knowledge about this. Most of the girls are under 13 and aren't supposed to have social media accounts. But, they are aware it's there. They aren't aware of the technology behind it. So, we had a talk about sharing photos and text messages and videos and everything cyber related.

It worked out great, because my co-leaders are college girls and they were able to give some insight without being a "mom". The girls listened intently to their real stories. I think (and hope!) it made an impact and will save them before they have had a chance to mess up.

Zen Garden: 
The plan was to go on a photo scavenger hunt to take photos of what they wanted in their Zen garden , but it was FREEZING and rainy outside. So, the girls drew a Zen Garden. They had to list the items that would be in their zen garden to help them relax.

Diplomat Award/Take Action: 
At the end of this meeting, we started gearing up for the Take Action Project. We talked about what they needed... what they wanted to do... how to make it happen. The girls decided to make posters for anti-bullying. They wanted to hang them up at school and get them to other troops in our Service Unit.

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