Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Amaze Take Action

Honest Moment:
This has been an interesting year for our troop. We brought 4 troops together to form our Cadette troop. We have 7 girls (down from 8) and they are all at different levels of maturity. It keeps things interesting and I keep encouraging them to work through differences and work together... not by telling them, but finding ways to get them working together. It's been a struggle. No one has cried or died, so we are okay. But, it's been a struggle.

SO... for a Take Action project, we had 7 girls and 7 ideas for what their posters should look like. They were not prepared for me to tell them they would be working on 2 posters together. They had to meld their ideas together into one cohesive project.

Take Action Posters:
7 very different girls

2 posters against bullying

They did good. We got the posters approved by the school to hang up in the hallways and did that at the next meeting. I got color copies made of their posters, so they had to make 2 and hang up multiples of the same.

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