Monday, April 20, 2015

Daisy Promise Center
Our VERY FIRST Daisy meeting, after the Parent's Meeting, was all about the Daisy Promise Center. 

I'm telling you... if you have been a leader for a few years and your passion is dying... find a Daisy troop! These little girls literally bounced into the room, squealed with delight when I pulled out their vests, jumped up and ran to do a craft, and I even got a hug!

Earning the Promise Center is really just getting the basics for the girls to start off as Girl Scouts. 

1. Form a circle with your friends - Easy enough. We did a criss-cross applesauce circle on the floor with Daisy's and Cadettes scattered within the circle. 

We talked about a few things for our meeting and then went to make name badges, which they adored. They are so easy to make happy!!!

2. Say and discuss the Girl Scout Promise - A repeat after me activity, we said the Girl Scout Promise a few times. 

We talked about the Girl Scout Law and how the petals will help us learn it over the next year. We went through their binders which has all kinds of cool stuff in it (see Daisy Binder Post). Then, we got up and made construction Daisy flowers. Again... soooo easily entertained and happy to do a little craft. 

While waiting for our friends to join us back in the circle, we played the washcloth toss game. We tossed a rolled up washcloth from one girl to the next. Each girl said her name and one of her favorite things. Three of the girls said being a Girl Scout was her favorite thing. Seriously? First meeting and they already know how to play me! HA!

3. Sing a song with your friends - Well, what other song could it be? Make New Friends is a CLASSIC! We invited parents to sing along, too. We have a few Moms that are Girl Scouts. 

To close out our meeting, we went over what we did to earn the Promise Center and what we would be working on next time. Then, we stood and formed our circle with crossed arms (Right over left, because we aren't left overs!), did the Friendship Squeeze 3 times (Cadette tradition they want to pass along), and turned out. 

Snacks to go, along with bags, binders, barrettes, boo boo bunnies, and a few hugs and byes. 

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Cadette First Aid

I'm a tiny bit proud here... of myself... of my girls... of the whole lot of us!

This is one of 2 badges the girls planned completely this year. I will admit, I offered suggestions, but THEY made the decisions. 

 1. Make a First Aid Booklet - (You can find the one we used here. It was from our Council, GSMH.)I had a great template from a Council event that we had went to earlier in the year with only a few of the girls. So, the first thing I had the girls do was make a First Aid booklet for common injuries and situations.

2. Learn about Shock - (PDF of information from Mayo Clinic) The girls, when planning, really wanted to know more about shock. They were interested in knowing what it means from a medical standpoint for someone to go into shock. I think it's because we use it as a loose term... "I'm in shock!" "I was so shocked"... so they were interested to know what that really means and what to do. 

3. Investigate the 1st Aid Kit - My Co-Leader, apparently, is a bandage junkie. She brought in the big First Aid kit that she uses for overnights and trips. She told the girls there may be things that were expired, because it was used with a former troop and they needed to check and talk about everything. She also asked them to think about things that are missing and need to be included. The girls went through it. They tested the gloves to make sure they weren't brittle. They recommended several additions. They discussed the proper way to use Ace bandage. They came up with reasons why it's a good idea to have a few bandanas in the kit and how they could use them. 

4. Caring for Kids & Boo Boo Bunnies for Daisy's - (Boo Boo Bunny instructions at The Mom of one of the girls in my troop works with small children and gave her a booklet for babysitting to help her when watching her younger brother. She brought that in and went through it with the troop and led a discussion. We had our First Aid badge the same night our Daisy program started. The girls made boo boo bunnies out of washcloths to give our Daisy's. We made 18 and needed 10, so they also had enough to keep one for themselves. The Boo Boo Bunnies also counted as a Service Project for them, as they made them to give away to our adorable Daisy's. 

5. Injury Race - Using the First Aid Booklets the made at the beginning of the meeting, they took turns acting out an injury. They were assigned an injury that was in the booklet. The others girls had to diagnose and explain how to care for them. They did enjoy this... a little too much... I have some dramatic girls

Friday, April 10, 2015

World Thinking Day 2015

Our Service Unit hosted events for troops to attend until last year. We (Service Team) found that because of the time of year, it was hard for troops to commit, hard for volunteers to find time, and hard for the weather to cooperate. Gotta love Missouri February weather. So, we have started to provide resources to our troops instead to support their troop activities. 

World Thinking Day is now an earned badge. It has been for a few years, so that is not new news. 

This is probably one of the easiest badges to earn as Cadettes, too. You only have to do one thing. Sweet, right? We typically pair this with Global Action and something else. 

For World Thinking Day this year, my awesome co-leader put a spin on the peace pole idea. Our lovely young ladies have a problem talking over one another and not allowing one another to finish their thought... great for brainstorming sessions to build ideas, but someone always ends up feeling slighted. So, I used a 2 foot PVS pipe that was left over from a cookie display build and came up with a plan for a troop Peace Pole/Talking Stick. 

Each girl was given a slip of paper that would fit around the pole. She was instructed to decorate it however she wanted, as long as it represented something about her. After they completed those, we used clear packaging tape and taped them on the pole. At the ends we use good ol' duct tape to make sure no one ever got cut or scraped with the edges. 

Not only did we have a discussion about respecting one another and taking turns speaking, the girls decided that was one tradition and value they want to pass on to our Daisy troop. So, I feel this is a win-win. 

You don't have to do this in February, if that doesn't work for your schedule. Girl Scouts has requirements for each age level on their site. Check it out and see if this is something you want to do, if you haven't already. 

Pssst... This is my #100th post, btw. WOO HOO!!

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Thanks A Lot Birthday Patch

Did you know the Thanks A Lot cookie has been around 10 years? It has. They have changed the way I do smores forever. 

I'm pretty active in a few Facebook groups and I'm of course active with my Service Unit. We are ordering Thanks A Lot Birthday patches for our Service Unit and we ordering extras for other people that may want them. SO, I thought I'd pass this opportunity along to my blog readers. 

Once supplies are exhausted, that's it. We are not reordering these again. They are fully embroidered and super cute. To keep it simple, PayPal is the preferred method of payment. You can use any card with that, too, if you aren't familiar with how PayPal works.

If you want a patch or 10, fill out this online form with all your information and complete the payment portion. The patches arrive the week of April 27th and will be mailed out the following week to you! They are $2 each, plus shipping.  

Here is link to the form:

We have a couple other patches for sale there, too. Feel free to order whatever you need/want/like. If you remember, put a memo in the notes section that you are a blog reader. I'd love to see if I get any sales from this. 

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Daisy Binders

I am freely going to admit that even though I know "every girl deserves a Girl's Guide to Girl Scouting", I have yet to come up with a way to justify the purchase for my parent's when the girls in my troop don't use them. In 5 years, the only girl to every complete a badge outside of a meeting... my own. So, I don't do that.

I do however, put together a binder with some important papers. That's what I spent part of last weekend doing. Daisy Binders.

The binders include:

Once I have meeting dates for next year, I'll give them each a pre-punched sheet for our Meeting Schedule and additional events. 

Instead of parents spending $16.75, the binders cost roughly $2.50. I got the six pack of 1" binders with durable clear plastic cover at Sam's.

In addition, I used one binder for Safety information and one for Meeting Plans. This means I don't have a HUGE, bulky, heavy binder to take with me everywhere like I do for the Cadettes... that may be changing soon, too.

Our first Daisy meeting is next week and I'm excited, nervous, and ready to get started. I will give them their uniforms, binders, a bag, and a hair bow. The hair bows are super cute and I got the ribbon on ebay.