Thursday, April 16, 2015

Cadette First Aid

I'm a tiny bit proud here... of myself... of my girls... of the whole lot of us!

This is one of 2 badges the girls planned completely this year. I will admit, I offered suggestions, but THEY made the decisions. 

 1. Make a First Aid Booklet - (You can find the one we used here. It was from our Council, GSMH.)I had a great template from a Council event that we had went to earlier in the year with only a few of the girls. So, the first thing I had the girls do was make a First Aid booklet for common injuries and situations.

2. Learn about Shock - (PDF of information from Mayo Clinic) The girls, when planning, really wanted to know more about shock. They were interested in knowing what it means from a medical standpoint for someone to go into shock. I think it's because we use it as a loose term... "I'm in shock!" "I was so shocked"... so they were interested to know what that really means and what to do. 

3. Investigate the 1st Aid Kit - My Co-Leader, apparently, is a bandage junkie. She brought in the big First Aid kit that she uses for overnights and trips. She told the girls there may be things that were expired, because it was used with a former troop and they needed to check and talk about everything. She also asked them to think about things that are missing and need to be included. The girls went through it. They tested the gloves to make sure they weren't brittle. They recommended several additions. They discussed the proper way to use Ace bandage. They came up with reasons why it's a good idea to have a few bandanas in the kit and how they could use them. 

4. Caring for Kids & Boo Boo Bunnies for Daisy's - (Boo Boo Bunny instructions at The Mom of one of the girls in my troop works with small children and gave her a booklet for babysitting to help her when watching her younger brother. She brought that in and went through it with the troop and led a discussion. We had our First Aid badge the same night our Daisy program started. The girls made boo boo bunnies out of washcloths to give our Daisy's. We made 18 and needed 10, so they also had enough to keep one for themselves. The Boo Boo Bunnies also counted as a Service Project for them, as they made them to give away to our adorable Daisy's. 

5. Injury Race - Using the First Aid Booklets the made at the beginning of the meeting, they took turns acting out an injury. They were assigned an injury that was in the booklet. The others girls had to diagnose and explain how to care for them. They did enjoy this... a little too much... I have some dramatic girls


  1. Thanks for this post! We are getting ready to do the Cadette First Aid badge as well, and I love your ideas.

  2. do you have a template for the first aid booklet?

  3. love this idea! what are the 2 badges? first aid and ?



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