Monday, April 20, 2015

Daisy Promise Center
Our VERY FIRST Daisy meeting, after the Parent's Meeting, was all about the Daisy Promise Center. 

I'm telling you... if you have been a leader for a few years and your passion is dying... find a Daisy troop! These little girls literally bounced into the room, squealed with delight when I pulled out their vests, jumped up and ran to do a craft, and I even got a hug!

Earning the Promise Center is really just getting the basics for the girls to start off as Girl Scouts. 

1. Form a circle with your friends - Easy enough. We did a criss-cross applesauce circle on the floor with Daisy's and Cadettes scattered within the circle. 

We talked about a few things for our meeting and then went to make name badges, which they adored. They are so easy to make happy!!!

2. Say and discuss the Girl Scout Promise - A repeat after me activity, we said the Girl Scout Promise a few times. 

We talked about the Girl Scout Law and how the petals will help us learn it over the next year. We went through their binders which has all kinds of cool stuff in it (see Daisy Binder Post). Then, we got up and made construction Daisy flowers. Again... soooo easily entertained and happy to do a little craft. 

While waiting for our friends to join us back in the circle, we played the washcloth toss game. We tossed a rolled up washcloth from one girl to the next. Each girl said her name and one of her favorite things. Three of the girls said being a Girl Scout was her favorite thing. Seriously? First meeting and they already know how to play me! HA!

3. Sing a song with your friends - Well, what other song could it be? Make New Friends is a CLASSIC! We invited parents to sing along, too. We have a few Moms that are Girl Scouts. 

To close out our meeting, we went over what we did to earn the Promise Center and what we would be working on next time. Then, we stood and formed our circle with crossed arms (Right over left, because we aren't left overs!), did the Friendship Squeeze 3 times (Cadette tradition they want to pass along), and turned out. 

Snacks to go, along with bags, binders, barrettes, boo boo bunnies, and a few hugs and byes. 


  1. Sounds like a lot of fun! I've never had the daisy age group before - although there have been a few girls that joined my Brownie unit a bit early. Not the same as a whole troop of them though.

    1. Well, I've had them for a Parent Meeting and one troop meeting... so far, they have been fun! I, too, started with my Cadette troop when they were Brownies. Daisies do bring a new level of fun and excitement. :)



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