Monday, May 4, 2015

Cadette Badge: Comic Artist

This was by far the easiest Cadette badge we have completed this year. Seriously... easy. I'm glad I had other things planned for our meeting, too, because this wouldn't have lasted the whole time.

Now, remember our meetings are 2 1/2 hours long. I know... it's long. But, it's because parents get off at 5pm and can get there to pick up at 5:30pm. School gets out at 2:45pm. So, it just works for us.

I pretty much followed the badge activity guide on this, too. I didn't do too much tweaking at all.
  1. Differences/Similarities Discussion beforehand (This was not part of the badge activity book, but I think it helped the girls think). I put together a collection of comics for them to review. I asked them to look for differences in scenery, dialogue, drawing styles, etc. We talked about how all of the comics were funny and how they got their point across, yet used different means to deliver that. Some were much more detailed than others and which did they like.
  2. Make sticky-note comics: Each girl was given 3-4 sticky notes and told to draw a progression of a scene. I did a flower seed planted, watered, growing, blooming. The girls were much more creative.
  3. Choose a story to tell: The girls then had to think of a story and create a basic outline. I had them do a brain-storming sheets and then rank their ideas. Once they chose one, I had them use a bullet list to talk through their progression. They weren't do to any drawing at this point. It was simply "get your thoughts on paper."
  4. Draw it out: (My source: Next, we practiced some drawing. I had printed out several "How to Draw" sheets. I had the girls select 3 different characters to practice and then incorporate into their final comic.
  5. Frame it in 4 panels: (Great resource: I pre-printed cartoon panel sheets and let the girls decide which to choose.
  6. Add the words: and finally, the girls added in the dialogue which they had drafted in their outline. This took great self-control for the girls, as they wanted to do it all at once, but going through the process step by step in this way helped them see how to build up a story in the way a cartoon artist would do.

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