Monday, May 18, 2015

Cadette Field Day Badge

My Co leader did an amazing job putting together this badge with the girls. She had them select the type of game for each requirement and then came up with some super fun things to do. Laughing and smiles all around.

When I think "Field Day" I think outside... the problem is the location where we meet. We meet in the school and because of security for students and after hours staff, the doors are locked and you can't get back in. You can't prop open the doors, either. So, we had to do things inside... even though we really wished we could be outside. 

Requirement 1: Team up and dress up
The girls decided to draw names out of a hat and then distinguish their teams with green and white bandanas.

Requirement 2 & 4: Host a historical game & Find fun in fiction
Target practice has always been a game to show skill. The girls played a "down to earth" version of Quidditch. Quidditch is a real game, by the way. It isn't just in Harry Potter. Of course, our version was a bit of a twist. There were 3 goals with points and the girls had to get balloons to go through the hoops and get to 200 points to win. It was a tight match full of oh "AHHHH!" and "EEEEEE" and "WOO HOO!!!", plus lots of giggles.

Teams stood on opposite side of the table with 1 member on the other side for retrieval of balloons for returning to their team.

It took about 10 minutes with explanation of rules and actual play time. The girls loved it and wanted to do it again and again.

Requirement 3: Play a scientific game
The girls chose to "make it flink". Flinking is when an object is not floating and not sinking. They were given styrofoam, paper clips, bead, and string. The string couldn't be suspending the the object. it was only for retrieval.

This took the longest, really. They worked on it for about 15 minutes or more before anyone was able to make it work. In hindsight, I think adding some small washers or coins would help.

Requirement 5: Stage your grand finale
The girls chose to do a relay type race. We set up 5 stations for them. The twist was that the 3 of them would be representing "Hear no evil, see no evil, and speak no evil."

Station 1: Put the GS cookies in order of introduction. We used Shortbread, Thin Mint, PB Sandwich, Caramel Delite, PB Pattie, Thanks a Lot, Lemonade, Mango Creme, and Cranberry Citrus Crisp.

They also had some bonus questions at this station in order to get extra points in case they needed to make up points at another station.

Station 2: Spell out Girl Scout words using Alpha Bits cereal. They had 2 minutes. One group had 1 word and the other had none. If doing this again, would probably give more time or use the magnetic letters or something instead of cereal. The cereal was hard to decipher letters.

Station 3: Put together a simple puzzle. It was a 24 piece puzzle found at the dollar store.

Station 4: Hula Hoop 10 times around each person in your group. Since the person in the middle was tied to the outside 2 girls, we allowed them hula hoop anywhere on their body and help if necessary.

Step 5: Unwrap the goodies. A little ball of candy, bells, etc. all wrapped up in plastic wrap and packing tape. They couldn't break open any of the objects inside or else they lost the station.

Bonus Activity: Name that tune Girl Scout style
Teams would count down saying how many words they needed to name the song. We didn't sing it, but rather just said the words. We tried to use songs the girls knew, otherwise that wouldn't be fair.

This troop is actually 4 different troops that came together this year and we haven't really spent much time on songs. Ironic, since I do songs at different events for the Service Unit. Anyway, the way the teams were divided by the hat draw, one team was at a disadvantage because they didn't know many songs at all or at least that was their story.

Overall, it was a great meeting. It was our farewell to an amazing college student that has been with us for 3 years. She's going on to become an Elementary school teacher and she will do amazing things and make a huge impact on every student she has. 

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  1. Really love the hear/speak/see no-evil relay! Great idea that i'll definitely be borrowing!



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