Friday, May 15, 2015

Court of Awards

It's that time of year for my troops when they are presented with the badges earned for the past semester during our Court of Awards.

Now, Daisy's were to get their stuff at each meeting... but I forgot their Promise Centers and then figured it was a week before Court of Awards, so why not hold them for one week and make a big "to do" about it?

I have 17 girls total. That's not a ton, but it's enough that I needed to prioritize. Throw into the mix that I'm moving in 4 weeks and all the frenzy of activity that goes with that. I'm also just tired. There, I admitted it... I'm tired!

But, I wanted to do something other than a ziploc bag. If you're doing a ziploc bag, don't feel bad. I've done that a lot, too! They work great!

Anyway... I decided to cut cardstock at varying lengths and staple the badges and patches to it. I stapled badges on one color and fun patches on another. Then, I stapled then back to back. To "top" it off, I made toppers with their name and stapled that up top. Don't get overwhelmed with my use of the word "topper". I set up a table in Word, put their sweet little names in each box, and printed it on cardstock. Then cut them apart, folded over, and stapled.

Their name faces the front of the pack with the badges. Now, in my mind, this should help them know what goes on the front and what goes on the back of their uniform. In actuality, they still won't understand and will ask me or have me sew them on... but, at least I tried, right?

It was pretty fast and easy and it isn't a project that took hours only to be tossed away. So, if you are cutting it close to the wire and need something quick that works... feel free to use the idea. 

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  1. Very clever!! I do a lot of Ziploc bags. I would have never thought of stapling instead. What a great presentation!



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