Thursday, May 14, 2015

Daisy Lupe Honest and Fair Petal

Our 2nd Daisy meeting has been completed! Woo hoo!! The girls have earned the Promise Center and the Lupe Honest and Fair Petal. 

To earn Lupe Honest and Fair:

Enjoy Lupe’s Story: Read the story and answer questions/discuss

For the girls that missed this, there is a great YouTube video of a leader reading the story and I suggested they watch it at home. Then, you just need to talk about the story and when was Lupe honest and fair, when was she almost not, how would she and her friends had felt... things like that. 

Act out the story with Daisy friends

I split the Daisy's up and assigned Cadettes to help each group of girls come up with a skit of their favorite part of the story. It didn't have to be a huge performance. Just a quick way to get girls working together and planning and acting part of the story out. 

Practice being honest and fair
Truth/Lie Game - Put up a picture of a Happy Face on one wall, and a Sad Face
on another wall. Say either a truth or a lie. The girls run to the Happy Face if you tell the truth. They run to the Sad Face if you tell a lie. Once the girls understand the game, they can take turns being the person who tells the truth or lie.
I quickly learned that the Daisy's are really good at lying. I was shocked that those sweet little innocent faces could be so deceptive. Ha!
Honest and Fair Hunt - We hid enough pieces of candy around the room so each girl would get 5. Once the girls had found their 5 items, they were to ask if anyone else wanted them to help find the rest of their 5 items. Game continues until everyone has found 5 items.
With this activity, I learned you need to be watchful and make sure everyone knows they aren't to take candy during the meeting... next time, I will hide it in a different room... Ha! We had to replace some of the candy and figure out how many had been discovered by little tag alongs.  

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