Thursday, May 28, 2015

Summer Patch Programs

Thank you, Wendy, for allowing me to share your awesome patch program idea. :)

My troops do not meet over the summer break from school. It's difficult to coordinate schedules and I need a break!

Last Summer, I found a patch program for the girls and thought it would give them something to do and earn over the break from troop meetings. We did the Not Bummer Summer 2014 challenge. It was a patch program I found on a Facebook group. It was a hit with the girls and a few of them even remembered to track their stuff and bring it in to turn in for their patch. I held them to it, too. If they didn't turn anything in, they didn't get the patch. 

So, this summer I'm going to do it again. Since the Cadettes have already done Not Bummer Summer, they are doing Diary of  Summer Girl. The Daisy's are doing Not Bummer Summer. 

The troop that is putting these together are using the proceeds to help pay for some troop trips they are doing. They put together PDFs of what activities qualify and a points system on how to earn the patch. It's all for fun and easily customizable. I swapped out a few items that were sort of location specific or not something for the age range I was targeting. 

Giving the girls something to do over the summer months is a great idea, in my opinion. It's easy for me. It's hopefully fun for them. It keeps them thinking about scouts, too. I plan to send a card halfway through the summer to each of them asking how they are doing and asking they write me a letter back. Another way to stay in touch and support a lost art form... letter writing!

Here are the groups:
Girl Scout Badge Swap:
and Fun Patches to Buy and Sell:

You can find both of these patch programs on one or both of the groups, if you are interested. Just join the group and search for Bummer Summer  or Summer girl and they should come up (unless you wait until next summer to look and then you may be out of luck! Pay attention to the date of this post, please) :) If they don't come up, ask the group or reach out to me and I'll be happy to get you in touch. I didn't want to just share her email and information here for the whole world to bombard her with blindly. 

Have a great summer!! I'm moving, unpacking, organizing, and hoping to catch up on some badges that we have done for your reading pleasure. 

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  1. How cool! I had no idea these existed! And what a cool way to raise troop money. I'll check these out!



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