Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Tom's One Day Without Shoes 2015

Our troop signed up to participate in the One Day Without Shoes campaign with Tom's Shoes this year. Then, we were selected to get a TON of cool stuff from Tom's!! They sent t-shirts for everyone, a backpack, posters, signs, tattoos, stickers, cards to spread awareness. Crazy haul of stuff. The t-shirts are super duper soft, too!

Tom's does this each year to raise awareness about the need for shoes. They will donate up to 1 MILLION pair of shoes from this campaign. Since it's an annual event, please be watching and thinking... consider participating next year and plan an event to spread awareness. More information here:

We did Court of Awards BAREFOOT! Before Court of Awards, I took the Cadettes and we did some "cute pics" of them jumping and different things. Then, with the Daisy's we formed a circle and took pics of all the cute feet. It was a fun time. 

Here are a couple of my fave pics. 

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