Monday, June 1, 2015

IPs aka Interest Project Programs

IPs are sort of a thing of the past, I guess. But, there are still some out there and your girls can work on them. You should check with your Council to make sure it's cool to wear them on the front of the uniform. Thankfully, my Council is cool about it and my girls will wear theirs on the front with all the other things they worked hard to earn. 

I had mentioned the Summer Patch Programs that my Daisy's and Cadettes are working on this summer, but I thought I should talk about the other things I'm stockpiling for my girls. Our Cadette troop is very interested in earning every badge GS-USA offers. The sad fact is, we are probalby going to be through those faster than 3 years and then what? We could just have fun and there is nothing wrong with that! But, I know my girls and I know they want to be working and earning something. 

I have joined a group "Artistry to Stitch About" on Facebook. They are bringing back/recreating some old IPs and coming up with Interest Patches based on modern things like Harry Potter and Divergent. Oh, yeah. That cool! They have dates for ordering the patches and requirements to earn them. Most of them are for all levels and depending on the level you complete a certain number of items. 

The other cool thing about these are that once you get to Cadette level, they are just like the old IPs in that you can earn them anytime between 6th and 12th grade. So, if we don't get them done as Cadettes, we can work on them as Seniors or Ambassadors. Woo hoo!!

In my stash for the Cadettes are IPs for:
* Divergent series
* Harry Potter
* Doctor Who
* Hunger Games
* Fault in our Stars
* Caving
* Going Batty 
* Spa Day
* Camping
* Cake Decorating

Sounds like a lot of great meetings coming up soon, huh? 

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