Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Daisy: Sunny - Friendly & Helpful Petal

Since the Cadettes are mentoring the Daisy troop, they help plan the meetings. I have the bare bones ready for them, because the Daisy petals are pretty simple compared to the Cadette badges I'm used to. Don't get me wrong, they still take planning... but I welcome the simplicity!

So, I thought with this petal I'd let you see in to my world of planning and how I get it done. This is ready to go for our September meeting. It has the activities, the supplies list, and the pictures for samples. 

Daisy Troop Meeting Outline
Sunny - Friendly & Helpful Petal
September 2, 2015

Early Girls Activity
Game - What’s Different
All in circle, one person leaves/turns around and changes something then comes back. Whoever notices what is different first goes next. Cadettes will go with Daisy’s to help them change something.

Beginning Craft (10 minutes)
See photo to the right. We will be making sunflowers with forks and fingers. 

  • heavy paper for paint 
  • yellow, orange, brown, green paint
  • plastic forks
  • tablecloth for underneath paintings to protect table
  • brushes

Opening Circle (15 minutes)
  1. Friendship Circle
  2. Talk about the meeting “plan” - Earning Sunny Sunflower: Friendly and Helpful
  3. Practicing the GS Sign & Promise: Repeat After Me then Together

Activities (30 minutes)
  1. Enjoy Sunny’s Story, then talk about it 
    • Read the story and answer questions/discuss
  2. Make a mural based on Sunny’s story
    • Drawing - each girl gets a petal shaped piece of paper and draws/colors their favorite part of the story. put all together to form one big sunflower
  3. Practice being Friendly and Helpful
    • Make cards for Marine Parents - 
      • Supplies: 
        • Coloring pages from their website
        • Card bases
        • basic card supplies
        • Return address labels with Leader's address
Closing Circle (5 minutes)
  1. Next meeting date
  2. Sing Make New Friends
  3. Friendship squeeze and turn out for dismissal

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