Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Cadette: Girl Scout Ways badge

We worked on the Girl Scouts Way badge over the course of two meetings. I like and dislike doing that. Girls' schedules are so crazy that for them to actually be present for 2 meetings where a badge is being worked on is almost impossible. But, we stick to the rule of you have to be there in order to earn the badge... or you have to make it up outside troop meetings and give us the rundown of what you did.That's only fair.

So... requirements and activities:
Lead a group in song: Teach an international song
This was hilarious to listen to. We do have girls in our troop that were taking French and Spanish, so they were able to help pronounce the words and interpret what was being said. We used a couple easy songs (Make New Friends and Girl Scouts Together) and an online translator and searched for the song on youtube to be sung in a foreign language. We didn't try to teach it to anyone, because it was a fail. Instead, we taught the Daisy troop Make New Friends in English.

Share sisterhood through the GS Law: Throw a celebration-GORP Ceremony
Who doesn't love GORP? We did a GORP Ceremony with the girls. There are a million different ones out there, so choose your favorite and go with it. I will offer one piece of advice... choose one that has the same number of ingredients as girls or split ingredients and make sure everyone gets a turn to stir the concoction. It's important, no matter what age, for each girl to be involved.

Leave a camp better than you found it: Planted bulbs at Silver Meadows 
We have an awesome Camp Ranger. He tilled up ground for us and helped prepare the area around the flag pole for us to plant a TON of flower bulbs. We planted iris, daffodils, and hyacinths. This is going to be something that will hopefully be better as the years go by. We won't even see what becomes of it until next spring. I'm really hoping those bulbs come up!!!!

Enjoy GS traditions!: Make a tradition “to do” list
Since we took on a Daisy troop and the girls are mentoring with that troop, we decided to pass along a list of traditions that our troop has that we feel the Daisy's may want to be involved in. We even started a couple traditions at their meeting.

For instance, our troop stands in a Friendship Circle at the end of the meeting and sings Make New Friends. We do the Friendship Squeeze going around the circle 3 times. Three times for the three parts of the promise and because when they were little I would ask how many times around with a maximum of three and they would always say 3, so it has become our troop tradition. Three friendship squeezes and a very long Make New Friends song. HA!

Flag Ceremony Practice
We volunteer at Service Unit events and are always in need of a troop to lead the Flag Ceremony. I have sort of taken it upon myself to make sure that if no one else is able, our troop will be prepared for this. Plus, I think it was a great discussion about being reverent and how important it is to be careful with the flag and show the younger scouts that patriotism is definitely part of Girl Scouts.

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