Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Looking Forward to Three Years Back

Yes, I titled that right. I spent a little time today going back in my records to see what we have done... I no longer wonder why I'm exhausted and I have some topics to come for my lovely blog stalkers, readers, and viewers. (That's you... )

So, if you check out the Brownie, Junior, and Cadette tabs (up top... on the menu... look up the page), you will see I have updated the lists to include badges we have completed as a troop... but I have not completed as a blog post and broken down to share the craziness we have had. 

Stay tuned... those badge blog entries are to come... hopefully soon. It's going to be a balancing act... staying up to date with what we are doing now AND going back to grab some of the things we did back then... that also means I have to remember stuff... thank goodness for Meeting Outlines, huh? 

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